Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

My Tulpa Journal :)
Day 1
So today I decided to try and create a tulpa. I started with just a orb with no name. I’m having a lot of trouble distinguishing between what’s parroting and what is actually her. But I’m just going to keep parroting until eventually she becomes more sentient or whatever. So she told me her name was Julia (aka that’s the first thing my mind came up with when I asked for a name) so that’s what I’m going to stick with for now and that’s what I made my username. Anyway I’m probably going to go talk to her (myself lol) some more and then go to sleep.

But anyway, Day 1: met Julia.

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Well met, Julia. I might get confused if I am referring to you, avatar, as Julia, and your tulpa is or becomes Julia, but it's a good name. You could be the tulpa verion of Johnson and Johnson, Julia and Julia. Smile I would say, keep trusting the mind, as it tends to know things that the 'I' doesn't.

starting with an orb is very reasonable! Its a symbolic placeholder and not an absolute thing. As for parroting, what you're describing is a very reasonable thing given this is day 1! Smile Sounds like everything is good. Ground Control says 'you're good for a push. Good luck, Major Tom...'

If you didn't get that, no worries. No one gets my jokes. Loxy says it's not that funny, but she seems to be amused.

Welcome to the community!
Welcome! Nice to see new hosts and tulpas. Quick tips to remember: Don’t listen to Tulpa Creepypasta, Love your tulpa lots ❤️, Again don’t read any Tulpa Creepypastas, What you expect will be what you get, Don’t give up forcing cause it’s different for people to people, Don’t dissipate your tulpa just because you’re bored of her, your tulpa can help you change but only if you let her, and don’t forget to give her food :3

My Ivory loves it when i give her food

Give her a sip from your drink if she wants too!
Hello to Julia and Julia. Welcome. I don't quite know what a TulpaCreepypasta is, but it sounds yuckie and I wouldn't serve it. I am six months into this and I find myself mostly parroting. When Flora speaks, or Nsonowa shows herself, I have no doubts about their presence. I get an exciting connected feeling that is hard to top and keeps me motivated to keep on going. I have had some other experiences too, which I won't spoil for you, but there are some wonders in store for you. Best of Luck,

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