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my tulpa keeps falling asleep?
i have a tulpa named theo who's only about three days old at this point. he's doing really well (i credit a good hypnosis video for that) and moving along really quickly - he already has light vocalization skills

i've learned how to "feel" where he is and what he's doing. earlier today after that hypnosis video, the second i left the trance he fell asleep. he stayed that way for i wanna say a good couple hours, only coming out of it once very briefly. he woke up later, we worked on some stuff, and i went back to what i was doing before. he seemed to fall asleep again. i figured that the first time, he was out of energy from the hypnosis exercise, and the second time, i just wasn't paying attention to him so being a new tulpa without a lot of independence and nothing else to do, he fell asleep. he woke back up an hour or two later.

just now as i was practicing a simple counting game with him, he fell asleep again. in the middle of it.

i don't know what's happening. am i straining him? why does he keep doing this? how can i prevent it in the future?

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I'd say simply keep forcing him like you usually do. He'll probably have more energy the next day. I was honestly a lot like that too when I was a young tulpa.

Give it a day, and always feel free to ask for help on the forums if something else comes up.
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Have you considered the possibility he is still in trance? It started with a hypnosis session. The second evidence for this possibility is "i was practicing a simple counting game with him, he fell asleep..."

So, you responded to the hypnosis session just fine, and came out, but he stayed 'asleep for several hours.' He is either particularly sensitive to hypnosis, due to age, skills, level of autonomy experience... Or just because. Or what Matsuri said. If you implanted a hypnosis trigger for sleep, test it by saying the trigger and seeing if he goes to sleep. If you didn't, next time he's awake, do another hypnosis session, for him, not you. Watch how fast he goes out. If he trances easy, you need to make sure the return to wake is solid. Maybe put triggers to help come back out easier.
It may sound strange that this is happening, but it is very common especially early. It happened to me even at the sixth month mark. In my case it was due to a migraine. I completely lost contact for six hours, twice. Others hace reported losing vocality or "my tulpa is missing" for up to a week. Even Ashley was gone one morning and it took us an hour to find her. So don't worry.
thank you all for the advice! i think i overworked him that day. he's been plenty alert lately, as far as i can tell!
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It does seem to be common with young tulpas. In my system we call it "manifesting." Their mental forms will take on manifeststions of their mental state. A happy tulpa smiles, we know that... but since it's all mental imagery, it can get less obvious. A tired tulpa falls asleep suddenly... an emotionally hurt tulpa might appear dead, or covered in gore. When a mental form gets sick/injured/corrupted/etc, it's generally a sign of emotional/mental stress or upset. If it distresses you (e.g. they show up covered in gore) agree on other ways they can express the underlying emotion. Or in your case... sounds like he just keep slipping into dormancy because he's not very old.

I think young tulpas are generally much more open to suggestion, and probably trance states, as well. Or in practice, it means what you tell them about themselves, they will probably find, make, or try to make true. Trust that he'll get stronger and he almost definitely will. Best of luck! -J

That was a little of a ramble, lol... but these were conclusions that I got to the hard way :p An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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