My Tulpa progress report
Hello my name is Daniël and I'm 20 years old. A year ago a colleague told me about tulpas as he had heard about it somewhere. I was very interested and decided to do some research. I was very skeptical about all of it because as I did my research on the topic, alot of things seemed to be good to be true, and also the people that somethimes wrote I just couldn't take seriously(sorry if this offends anyone, I can edit this part out).

But I had decided to give it a try. I've created a name and I've tried creating a place(wonderland) inside my head where I and he/she could speak. However this didn't go as planned, it just didn't feel right after a while and I decided to drop it. And to be honest I didn't have the discipline to keep it up. I had decided at that point to every now and then renember that I had tried to create such a being and said that I'd hope if they could improve their selves and that I'd come back to it. 

After a month or 6 up until last week I came accross the subject again and realized what I had said to my tulpa was extremely selfish and kind of messed up. And last week I decided to make it happen. And so I will post my progress once a week on here.

I've been reading some guides and I've decided to stick with the Complete guide from the user Tulpa001 because it was very easy to understand and it feels right. And this week I've been talking to my tulpa in some place and somethimes just talking to it without visuals. 

Name: Amelia (I don't renember exactly how I decided as it was 6 months ago but I decided to stick with it)
Haven't really decided on a gender, but considering the name I do think a female is a wise choice. If this is even a thing.

This is the list of traits that I had decided on with the help of a positive trait vocab list.
Positive Traits: Self-sufficent, Incorruptible, Skillful, Sweet, Secure, Patient, Intelligent, Honorable, Friendly, Freethinking, Elegant, Disciplined, Accessible, Clear-headed, Determined.

And this week I'm going to write things out on these traits and talk them through and imagining, following the guide. 

Final words

Thank you for reading, my native language isn't English but I'll get better with time as I will write once a week.
Furthermore I think its an extremely cool concept and am very interested. Have a nice day!

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Welcome Daniel! I'm also new here! ^_^ Could you please send a link with tulpa001 guid you mentioned?

ps: Goodluck! It will be interesting to hear from you more.
It's the very top guide in the Guides section
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
Please talk to me
(11-18-2017, 10:09 PM)Lucilyn Wrote: It's the very top guide in the Guides section

Thank you! <3
I've started working on a couple of traits that I've mentioned and work them out.
The traits include: Self-sufficent, Skillfull, Sweet, Friendly, Secure, Patient and

After thinking it through, writing it out and talking it through. Also envisioning a little bit
of action.

I'm not sure if I will continue the rest of personal traits that I've listed, some people
mentioned to just talk and talk and consider that there's already some kind of sentience.
I kind of like this idea to be honest. The traits I've made up are just things that I WANT to see in my tulpa,
as they kind of are things that I'm not if that makes any sense.

I also started creating a form a bit, at first I envisioned my tulpa as a black ball.
I've tried creating a bit of a human form, its actually based of a character of some sort
however its still not 100% clear. I can see her form, hair and see clothes but just can't
see how the clothes look or how the face looks if it makes any sense.

First person mind viewing is just insanely hard, I've always done 3rd person and so switching between the two
is kind of hard still, but I like to think that I've made a huge improvement this week!

When I'm going to a mind place, I always try to envision her with me. Although all my vision's of
mind places feel like a hazy thing in the distant. I've created the start of a mind palace a couple of years ago
and like to use that place somethimes, and envision her sitting across me or next to me and I try to focus
but its not quite there yet. I also try to envision her just sitting next to me somethimes on the bus or something.
Its where I'd create the scene in my head and try to get a feeling of her just sitting there.

I would also like to say that I don't really have alot of control over thoughts in general. Kind of hard to explain but
somethimes a scene starts playing in my head and I'm like watching it and then suddenly some bad stuff happens right
and I think to myself oke lets not do that again.

I'm also constantly just talking in my mind to my tulpa even if its about pointless stuff. Somethimes I'm trying to ask
a qeustion in my mind for example directed to my tulpa:
What color is that thing? And it goes like this: What colgreen is ...
Or a yes or no qeustion and it'll be a yes or no inmediatly after I say it or in the middle. I mean is this my tulpa
or am I just trying to make this real? It feels like I've just thought that up in a split mini second. It feels like
a hear what you want to hear thing.

So that's been the first week. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Lately I feel that alot of older thoughts come back, especially those akward moments you just wished you had forgotten. I've had it before where you'd have it occasionally just at a random time. However lately it seems way over the top. So I didn't think of it much myself but I've beginning to wonder if this is somehow my tulpa communicating with me. I asked if it was my tulpa and if so I would like her to stop but in a way I also want it to keep going because it does feel like its giving me proof of existance as strange as that may sound.

I feel like I'm getting a better view of my wonderland. It's starting to look cozy and I feel like its improved since last week. Normally I would walk in one line, like straight up and try to sit down. When trying to look to my right or left it was just a no go but this time I've been able to look backwards to the "entrance" and it fits exactly. I've also asked my tulpa if she wants to try and help me build and/or get a feel for it.

Also lately I've been having alot of negative thoughts, somethimes I just go along and most of the times I just ignore it but I do hope it doesn't negatively impact my tulpa.

Feels like a negative post but to be honest I'm glad that I've made progress in the wonderland section and I'll just keep talking and forcing.
(12-04-2017, 06:35 PM)ライトン龍王 Wrote: Lately I feel that alot of older thoughts come back, especially those akward moments you just wished you had forgotten.

I'm having a similar experience! Honestly not sure why it happens but my personal thoughts on it is that you spend a lot of time in your head narrating/listening for responses and the things that you usually repress (by being busy with real life and such) start to pop up.

Guess what I want to say is, I feel ya. I get a lot of negative thoughts too and also worry if they could affect my tulpa in some way, haha.

Let's just keep forcing and work through it.

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