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My Very Poor Life Choices (AKA My Art)
Right, so I draw sometimes I guess. And to actually keep me drawing this time, we're posting it. Maybe, if I actually stick with it I'll be decent, WHO KNOWS!

Rules are simple. I post drawings- all pg-13, obviously. Criticism is welcome, just make sure it's actually helpful and constructive- not "Ohhh u suckkk." You can request I draw you, but this isn't really a request blog, so I maaay or may not do it. I probably will, but y'know. Free either way, as I am not good enough to sell. Really.

Things I've done in the past year:

[Image: hVG7xI8.png?1] Reference of my tulpa Claude. Post break.

[Image: dbEqgaa.png] Reference of my tulpa Michael. Post break.

[Image: AqFeCh5.png?1] Old character of mine called Milo. Pre-break.

[Image: MJ8Y9WX.png?2] Random character I did like once idk. Pre-break.

[Image: bQ3c1OL.png] Reference of Apollo, Beatles' tupper, post break.

Right, that's enough for now. As you can see, there's a serious decline due to the break, and even before the break I was lacking in some areas. Hoping to work on that. Will update with new drawings whenever I do something, which.. should be close to daily. 

Take care, and seeya soon.
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