My wife and I are starting our tulpa's together
Hello out there this is my first post at and im glad to see there is already a thriving community of people and tulpa's out there to share my interest with. First off i feel it necessary to start off by saying while im new to tulpamancy i first learned about it about 15 years ago in high school and all ways been curious about it. Now that thats out of the way let me fast forward to now. I found this website earlier this month and immediately my interest was peeked. After reading many of your posts and guides i introduced your site and concepts to my wife and we both began on the journey of creation. I have been actively forcing 3+ hours a day and passively forcing consistently and I'm going to use this thread to report on my progress so far. After choosing a form and name, his name is Drake btw i began on movement and personality . everything was going as i expected from reading other posts until the end of my forcing session. After telling him i needed to rest a while he unexpectedly began to move without my direction! At that point i was visualizing him laying across my lap as i spoke to him he then sat down at my feet embraced my legs and began "purring" i find this worth mentioning i had never envisioned this as a possible response or reaction the possibility of a dragon purring had not occurred to me. Now im sure this is a typical noob response but that got me really excited. Sence then he has been getting more active and I've been getting emotional responses from him regularly during forcing sessions. My wife has been having similar success even far better than mine but that's for her to discuss i will encourage her to post when she feels comfortable. Drake has yet to speak but I've been encouraging him to do so regularly so fingers crossed. I'm working on a picture to post of him and hope to include it in my next post. Sorry this one is so long but im well known for big introductions. Hope to get to know many of you wish us luck ttyl.

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Hello Schnideways32 and hello Drake !

Don't worry, your post was very clear and understandable (at least for us french people!). It was not too long and we're looking forward to read further details and info on your progress!

Congratulations for your very quick results and for your courage to write your progress report here... We should do the same, we know it's very helpful to read others' experiences for every fellow tulpamancer here, but we lack time...and maybe courage to make our existence public and open to (sometimes harsh) criticism. So, thank you!

We wish you and Drake The Purring Dragon the best of luck on this wonderful journey ! We hope to read again from you (and, I hope, your wife and her tulpa) very soon. Welcome !
Yes, sometimes harsh. Smile Life is not for the weak at heart. If it's any consolation, my grammar sucks, but I persist and I have experienced improvement over time, not perfection, just improvement. Sometimes I can't even see what I have written because the words on my inner page are so solid. Umm, I wonder if internal sight is an influencing factor in tulpamancy.

I love that you and your wife were willing to pursue the activity together. I wonder if folks who work in groups get greater or different results because of group expectations and unconscious reinforcement. there are so many interesting potential questions that I might explore, like do you share any experiences. There is a thing in the psychiatric journals known as "Folie à deux" or shared hallucinations, and so I don't know why two or more people couldn't condition themselves to experience simultaneously the same thing. It has been done under hypnosis. Ah, but, yeah. fascinating. Yay you two!

I can imagine a dragon purring, the little sound that draws a person near right before it lights a breath and barbecues for dinner. Ahh, yeah, good times. Smile
So glad to hear such positive responses nice to meet you Zia & Solarchariot i look forward to getting acquainted with you better as time goes by. Let me make a slightly more formal introduction you may call me Tim to keep things a bit more personal. I find it curious that I'm so well understood by French speaking people it's not the first time I've been told that, i am in fact American a Michigan man in fact but i have had the extreme pleasure of visiting France several times during my youth. Perhaps i should clarify a few things from my last post. My wife and I are pursuing tulpamancy together but we are each creating our own tulpa's individually. I do however find interest in the concept of folie a deux sorry i can't find the proper a to correctly spell that. As I've come to understand that phenomenon is closely associated with people who have experienced traumatic events while in close proximity to one another correct? It would be interesting to see if similar experiences could be achieved during group forcing sessions perhaps we will attempt that at a later time. Also my wife and I have decided to share this thread so Kelly may be posting on here from time to time. Now for an update on Drake. I've been experiencing emotions that im sure are coming from him while I'm doing everyday tasks most seem to be curiosity and surprise. For example i was passively forcing while doing dishes today and when i turned on the water I felt a sensation like "woh whats that?" I had to laugh a little because again i wasn't expecting such a strong reaction from turning the sink on. I'm quite sure it was him reaching through me emotionally. He also seems to like the picture Kelly is drawing of him, i was going to post my own work but after seeing her tulpa drawing i decided to give her my drawings and let her refine them im good but she's the real artist in the house. Hopefully I'll be able to post it here tomorrow. I was wondering does anyone have advice on developing tulpa speech? Im not having much luck or perhaps im rushing a bit too quickly. Also is it uncommon to want to buy your tulpa a gift sort of like a birthday present for when there fully sentient?
(Host speaking) Do you mean speech in the sense of physically moving the mouth and producing sound? If so, that is an advanced skill, but I could provide some direction to get you started. If you mean getting the tulpa to speak in your mind, there is an easy way to get started with this, called parroting.

Parroting works like this: You imagine your tulpa's form in front of you and formulate a thought that you would like them to speak. Then imagine their mouth moving and them saying those words. Be sure to make this process of imagining your tulpa's mouth movements as deliberate as you can. If you start directly feeding your stream of thought through the tulpa's mouth, it can become much harder to recognise when your tulpa begins to speak on their own, because not all thoughts that arise in your mind are deliberate, and this might cause you to mistake a genuine reply for an accidental one on your end.

I can also say that I definitely feel the same way about celebrating milestones. I haven't as of yet bought anything, but I have recently set a milestone that if one of my tulpas reaches it, will prompt me to throw them a (one-man) party. Tulpas definitely have a tendency to be awe-inspiring to the host.
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Thank you GreenWissy i might try that later tonight. Nothing to report today had a bad migraine made it impossible for me to center myself. I'm feeling better now so I'll try to force after i get the kids to bed. So here's a question for any tulpamansers in a committed relationship i.e. married. Do you feel your relationship with your tulpa has helped or hindered your relationship with your spouse? Those in committed relationships feel free to reply even if you're not married thank you
Stupid phone wont let me post the pic of Drake so I'll give a brief description. If you cross Smaug from the Hobbit with Drogo from Game of Thrones you can get a good idea. Had some fun playing in sanctuary thats what i call my wonderland. Its a simple log cabin the back faces a oak forest and in the front is a clearing with a large calm lake and a huge tree. I created sanctuary 2 years ago for my meditations. Played catch went swimming and tried to teach him to fly... That part is going to take practice it was comical to watch but Drake didn't seem to think so. Still not speaking but VERY clear emotional response he clearly felt insulated by my internal laughter so i reassured him that i meant no offense and he is doing a fine. Well thats all for now.
Not much to report been busy cutting firewood can't force and run a chainsaw at the same time

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