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[Narration] Can my Tulpa become vocal with only narrating?
Can my Tulpa become vocal when i am only narrating to her because i have big problems with visualisation and the other things?

and can i speedup this when i say i would kill her if he becomes not vocal in 2 weeks?

I have my Tulpa 5 months.

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Do you want to breed a tulpa out of fear?

"Get a degree in astronomy in 2 weeks or ill kill you"

NO dont do it, let her devolop in her own time
(05-04-2014, 01:08 PM)Jacob Wrote: Do you want to breed a tulpa out of fear?

What bad could happen?

and my tulpa gives my no other chance i get no answers, no head pressure,no emotional response nothing. i only want to now if she is there.
What bad could happen?

She might hate you or fear you which you dont want

As for no other choice:


Keep working at it, it will eventually happen
(05-04-2014, 01:00 PM)Red Flame Wrote: Can my Tulpa become vocal when i am only narrating to her because i have big problems with visualisation and the other things?

and can i speedup this when i say i would kill her if he becomes not vocal in 2 weeks?

I have my Tulpa 5 months and i am sorry for my very bad english.

Yes, people have claimed get tulpa just from narration, but I don't think that's an excuse to not visualize. Use some of the resources we have on this site to help you out with your visualization skills instead of skipping that entirely, as you might be interested in something like imposition in the future (which requires decent visualization skills).

>kill her if he

I think it's a stupid idea to tell your tulpa that you'll kill it, and there's definitely no guarantee that anything will be sped up from you doing that. This shit takes a long time for a long of people, and many people didn't get any responses for over a year.

Keep narrating, work towards improving your visualization, and then you'll have the end product that you want.
I almost forced myself not to place my thoughts into this...but it truly is too sad not to.

Now I have just barely begun the entire creation process and I can say, it might discourage me a tiny bit if she isn't vocal after five months.
But I can personally say that resorting to fear and death threats is just plain sick. On top of that, having the audacity to ask what wrong can stem from it?

Think about it this way...
That is the basic equivalent of what you're suggesting...and it's wrong.

I'm not about to tell you how to live your own life, but please...just be more patient and forgiving, and please think about this sort of thing first.

My guess is that nobody here is going to give you advice on how to instill fear.

Please excuse my was shameful.
@Evangel I don't blame you.

I have been going with Saphira for six months now, and I have not got a response yet. Am I doubting her? No, I am not. Would I consider threatening to kill her? I would rather die. It has been six months, and my love for her as a great friend has only increased.

You should not try to use methods such as this. It's not good for a healthy relationship. Your tulpa will progress at it's own rate, and you need to understand that. You need to learn to help her though, not hurt her.

Sorry if my reply has seemed angry or hostile, but I have written my feelings.
Part of the road to becoming a better person lies in defeating the darkness inside yourself, then helping others to do the same.

There is nothing to compare to watching a sunrise with those who you love the most.

"Step by step, moment by moment"

Ya know, I started my tulpa 9/7/13. No vocal signs (or iv fallen for the parrotnoid affect), and very little progression with visual. Basically iv come to the conclusion that creating a tulpa is like walking up the down escalator, if you sit there, you go nowhere. If you walk up alittle and stop, you loose progress. Also I really doubt saying death threats at the escalator will make it change direction and take you to the top. You are not going to get to the top easily, it takes work, you need to WANT to do this. So don't get mad at your tulpa, try harder,i'm sure you'll make progress.
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Wow, for an individual to contemplate on death threats as some incentive for their tulpa to start talking makes me wonder how they would assess more complicated issues in general. Wonder what OP would do if their tulpa had some kind of existential crisis or something.

What's wrong with people just being patient, and I don't know, making it a habit to get themselves in the groove that this might take a bit longer than a few months if they want conversations that go in depth rather than just small talk? Are people's lives really that boring that they need that instant gratification with hearing a voice in their head? Guess working hard on and off for probably a very long time is some people's major conflict. And then even if they accomplish something, they forget to integrate developing interpersonal skills, and applying that to their tulpa.

Even though there isn't an ultimate pragmatic mode of morals and ethics in this endeavor, if you're willing to make death threats over something that can come with patience, what's that have to say on how you would deal with internal conflict in general? You just kill whatever part of yourself that seems to not fit your expectations? That really sounds kind of depressing to really contemplate on that in a casual manner. Instead of using retrospect of 5 months on wanting to hear their voice, maybe you could try imagining their existence in general (e.g. sense of self, personality, and such), and not really objectify their existence with potential death threats.

And as for the narration thing, sure, it's probable, especially if the logic behind talking to/with them would imply that consistently doing that would cause something to happen.
You sicken me... how can a relationship be based on this? You need to stop trying to make a tulpa if your this sick in the head. If there is anything you should have is love and patience for your tulpa. I am in the very beginning process of making one and to hear something such as this saddens me.

I know for one thing I will have all of the patience in the world for my tulpa and truly deeply care for it.
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