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[Narration] Is his my tulpa? Or me?
Ok so I havnt been narrating my tulpa very long. I find it difficult to sit and talk to him for a god few hours so I usually just chat to him throughout the day while I'm doing stuff. The other day I was sat in History complaining about the days lessons, and then I told him I had English next and suddenly grew excited and giddy at the idea if having English. And then last night I was complaining to him about a problem I'm having and I suddenly felt miserable and really down and I burst into tears - I definitely wasn't feeling that way before hand. I wanted to know if this is my tulpa or me?

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You should get into the habit of assuming its him whenever you have these thoughts. Even if per chance it's not him, the positive feelings will help him develop like a self fulfilling prophecy. In other words, you think he's developing will make him think he is as well and thus lead to real development even if it's 'not' him.

But don't get convinced that just because it's him means things will get easier or faster! You still have to give him lots of attention and take things as they come.
Thanks x I've also had this feeling like a tingling in the back of my head when u try focusing in him and I can kind of feel when my thoughts reach him
That's a sure fire sign its your tulpa. They communicate very early on through raw thought, emotions, head pressure and tingling, but it's different for everyone and not every person will feel every common method and in some cases they'll experience an communication method unique to them.

One thing I recommend though is once you and he are better able to communicate is you should try having him work on answering you through head pressure. It's how I first started communicating with my tulpa and it works for a lot of people. Basically, tell him that the left side of your head is yes and the right side of your head means no, and ask him simple enough question to start with. Don't get paranoid if he doesn't answer right away, and at first he probably won't be able to comprehend longer questions. Treat him with respect but remember you couldn't talk very well straight after being born, too~
Wow thanks, that's really helpful. Also, every now and then, I'll get a random flash back/memory about something that happened when I was a small child and I was wondering if his is my tulpa? I also get a stabbing pain on the left side of my head, idk what that is though. Also would u happen to have any examples of yes/no questions I could ask him?
I have no idea if the memory is your tulpa, some people choose not to let their tulpa access their memories at the beginning. I started off that way actually because I thought it would help her grow more for herself. I ended up letting Zola access my memories a lot earlier than I had planned, though... I don't want to say you should but at the very least you should think about it and tell your tulpa what you plan to do. I told Zola early on that I didn't want her to access my memories, experience, and even vocabulary. So she had to listen to me constantly talk and learn things herself (this led to a very awkward game of 20 Questions between us where I reached the end and Zola had forgotten to mention that she didnt know the word 'Candle' so when I lost she couldn't even tell me what it was until I went to look for it)

I'm almost always passively narrating to her though, but this can get really tedious for some people. Personally my tulpa has never shown me one my memories but she is capable of putting images in my head so I don't want to say its impossible. (This can be a fun exercise in the future. Try asking him to surprise you and they can put some... Interesting things in your minds eye. My tulpa has a pretty sick sense of humor but thankfully I do too so I happened to laugh at all of the flying exploding clowns)

Sorry, moving on. The yes no questions can be really anything you want. Asking him which clothes he thinks are better before you wear them, maybe if you play a game at all you can ask him if he thinks you should go here or there, just really simple things that don't require too much thought. Also once he gets used to it you should change it up. Tell him now to answer with the opposite side of your head, or instead of 'Yes/No' change them to two different options. Just make sure you keep testing him and he should develop.
Wow that's really gonna help me improve his sentience. Thanks :3 also, when narrating, I just kinda imagine my thoughts following a line to where Jakob is, but sometimes I can't get that connection or can't feel my thoughts reaching him. Also, I can sometimes feel his presence in my head so strong that I feel as if he is observing the real world with me. But I was wondering if u had any tips to make narrating TO him easier?
I think the biggest thing with narrating is its honestly not about what you talk about, it's about the quantity. Just do it more and more and more. I find it helpful to just tack on your Tulpa's name to whatever you were already thinking and make everything about them.

'Alright, now Ill stand up and go walk around for a bit, Jakob.'
'Wow, that really annoys me, Jakob.'
'I just noticed that I'm hungry, Jakob.'

To me, this kinda gets you in the habit of addressing and acknowledging their presence at all times. It may sound... tedious, but its a great method I think and it becomes second nature. Also I honestly don't think you need to stress out about imagining a connection to him while narrating. He lives in your brain and whenever you address him he will hear it whether he responds or not without fail. Just talk with him believing he will hear it.
Thanks :') I read somewhere that you should think in their direction which probably makes little sense but it said that if you don't do this you may just be thinking to urself. Also I havnt been doing this very long and don't know if it's just me expecting too much after only a month or what
It's up to you whether to direct them or not I guess. Just keep working at it and being patient, it can take a long time for some people while others are naturally better at it than others and will develop their tulpa much faster.

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