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You know, I would like to be a GAT member, but I'm not sure I have the time for it anymore. Sometimes several days go by before I can even log in here anymore, and I've had to really cut back my posting in the past month or two. I know inactivity has been a problem before. Do you think I could manage it?
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Honestly, personal time management with this site, and real life isn't really as difficult as it seems. I have a 9 to 5 type of job, and at most, I only spend 30 minutes to an hour going through sections, and formulating things to say. Sometimes even less than that ever since the rapid decrease in thread posts. Or maybe I unconsciously filtered out threads where the OP doesn't give some back story, and didn't seem to have serious intentions for understanding this whole thing as subjective and what have you.

I guess maybe you're worried if there may be an increase in guides, which would probably send things back where me and waffles would send PMs with weekly quotas, with the probability of those who can't be that active would be kicked out of the team. But after that hammering with an iron fist on guide submissions, as Sands put it eloquently before (can't remember which thread), it's really not big of a deal.

But again, I probably lose a sense of time in this forum because ideas from my companions seem to come by naturally, which is probably why I can post something faster, and spend less time on the forums. It's more of a glance over every now and then to see any big threads, or new guide submissions. And if there is, I just pop up a Word document, we go loose on ideas, try to make things shorter (may be ironic for some people), then post, and move on with our lives.

Unless there's a steady stream of new submissions coming in, it won't really affect your life that much. Unless the quota thing comes back again militantly, I think you're capable, sushi. And even if it does come back, not too much of a big deal (because there's not enough guide submissions that need that demand right now...and you can state real life takes more priority). Too bad I can't nominate you since someone already did.

Sorry if this post was mostly enticing sushi to consider. If there's anyone I can nominate, I'd probably go for Tess. I mean, she/he (forgive me for not knowing) clearly has some drive to be part of the community, and by making generalizations of how they assess threads in general, Tess is more reserved, and not one to really to cling onto other opinions for too long. In other words, it wouldn't feel like it's some oligarchy circle-jerk, because I like having the opinionated responses that stings me, because it forces me to really look at things from another angle. I figured this type of mentality from everyone would promote some scholarly spirit to show that we're not afraid to let loose every now and then, but at the same time, not militantly shitting on each other as well (I know I've done that already with some) without some serious justification.

It's just a matter of taking great pains to understand that people are going to be different in rating.

If Tess can't consider, I'd nominate for Derp. They say some gut-wrenching truths that I respect; things that I can't even manage to come to resolve when communicating with people here since I try to avoid conflict over things that are trivial (not saying Derp likes trivial things, you know what I mean).

And I know, ex-mods (not that it really is a concern), but still, I have a feeling they had to have a good tolerance level with the level of complaints they received before. Might be a good attribute when it comes to any future complainers that may take how people rate things too seriously.
Linkzelda, I'm really amazed that you get so much done in such a small period of time. I'm at work right now, have been for about four hours, and I have yet to get anything done because I've been on and related sites this whole time.

I suppose I can try the GAT, and you guys can always kick me out if I'm too inactive.
"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson
I wouldn't really mind joining the GAT in itself, but I might decline depending on what the team would eventually look like.
Alright, I've added sushi and Tess to the list for now along with the others.

Since we've ended up with seven nominations so far, I'll start the votes in two days, and run it like the original vote: everyone gets voted on in one thread, you post your votes as replies. You need to give reasons for negative votes, but don't for positive ones. There are enough 'spaces' for everyone so anyone with a positive vote count will end up in. And I'll close the vote in, let's say, two weeks. Are there any problems with that?
Sounds good to me. Is there going to be a separate voting thread? Also, can nominees up/downvote other nominees?
Yes and yes. The old rules had anyone able to vote any way on anyone, including themselves. But people will look at you funny if you do that.

It wasn't an issue last time, but it seems like there should be a one body/one vote rule, meaning no tulpa harems coming out in force to vote for their champ, or whatever other shenanigans might go on.
That sounds like a good idea, yeah. I thought that already was a rule last time, since it sounds a bit too easy for someone like, say, Maverickthecat to come out and cast 80 votes on a single person.
That's sounds like a plan to me. Two weeks is plenty of time, I think. Thanks for working this out, waffles.
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I was wrong for nominating Maverickthecat because it is bad to make votes that are not legitimate because of the bad example it sets forth and I am deeply sorry for my actions.

I nominate swashy instead because he is an experienced tulpaforcer and has had lots of experience dealing with the community when he was an IRC mod.
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