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Night-terror conundrum
Just this morning, I got awoken by my cat (meowing at my door constantly. XD ) and went back to bed. I told Teckie tha-

Teckie:" That's me. :P "

Anyway, I told Teckie that it might be a good time to try and have her and I practice on getting into a lucid dream. She prepared herself by saying affirmations, and indeed we did have a dream, but as usual it turned out horrid. I started to become more and more lucid (or at least with memory), but at the same time it was because I was experiencing terrible anxiety. It is a condition I have had my entire life, and it really is a cruel thing to have.

Teckie:" Point is, is there any way that I, the tulpa, can prepare myself properly to go into his dream? I know that tuppers have strong connections within the mind, but I'd just like to see some other perspectives on how exactly it is done. "

Exactly, it would be nice to have Teckie be the "guardian of my dreams." Smile We're not quite sure about the steps in accomplishing this though.... If anyone can help, that would be great. Big Grin Thanks.

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Hmm. Maybe there's some symbolic way you can be of help to him, Teckie. You can try to visualize a shield around him to guard against bad things as you guys go to sleep, or something like that! It doesn't really matter what it is exactly, but it's worth a shot!
Teckie:"Of course! Everything can be worth a shot. Techoh has already been able to create a force field bubble symbolism to handle the movement of his anxiety... "

That technique has really actually helped me. Smile symbolism can be very powerful.... well, it's practically what the mind uses all the time.... with almost every thought actually.

Teckie:"I think I can create a force field around him, not to contain anxiety, but rather to protect from the anxiety. Might take a bit of time to make sure the symbolism sticks, but once it does I bet there might be progress with realizing that he is protected when he has a night terror... and from there he becomes more lucid I guess and the force field comes into being. Hehe, and then after that I think he might have enough lucidness to bring me into the dream to clear up the mess. :P Might actually work out... but I'm not quite sure how lucid he might become to be able to bring me into the dream. I guess we'll just have to experiment."

Thanks for the advice. Smile If I have a dream and the technique comes together, then I'll reply back to here that it was successful.

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