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Niu progress
Hello, introductions first: my usual nickname is Bewolf, but it was already taken, when that happens I just use this one. Call me whatever you want. Usually I log as Bewolf in the chat.

My tulpa's name is Niu, she is now at 1 month and 12 days old, or 42 days for reference. This is mine and hers progress so far, feel free to comment, or better, please comment and give me your thoughs.

Why I'm writing this report? I don't really care about making one, but somehow I feel stuck in my progress, so I though this might help.

Just one more thing before we start: No offense, but I've read other progresses, I simply can't belive people are progressing that fast, almost feel they aren't doing this seriously or they are cutting corners. Well I am very serious.

So let's begin:
Day 1 - After reading and studying tulpas for almost a year, finally decide to create one. I've been wanting to do that for a long time, just didn't had the time to. So I started with a wonderland. Coulddn't belive how bad I was at vizualization, so I vizualized the simplest thing I could. Blank. Though I'm bad at vizualization, I'm good at meditation, though I have a little ADD. And begin forcing. At first it didn't have a form, I just focused on what I wanted(gender like). Oh and always in bed before sleep, since it takes a minimun of 1 hour to 6 hours to me fall asleep. Didn't started with personality, since I wanted to her to develop that on her own. Maybe that was already a mistake, who really knows. So I just focused on 'it' being a girl.

Day 2-3 Alright, not feeling like doing any progress, decide to create a wonderland. It was a hill with grass, nothing more, all while talking with her. Also for some stupid reason I wanted her to choose her own name, as a sign that she was sentinent. Now THAT was the most stupid thing ever, please don't even comment on that.

Day 4-6 Maintening focus on the wonderland while forcing has been proven VERY dificult for me at this stage. Trying another guide tip, started forcing with her being on my own room. So far she got a form of a person, but not quite clear on the details.

Day 6-9 Normal forcing, nothing changed, no response so far. Been in 12 hours or so of pure forcing and alot more of passive. My doubts on the details might have done something like not helping on the progress, dunno. Somehow a name popped on my head, but I think it was me, not her. So I called her by that name, but eventualy quitted.

Day Between 10 - 13 don't remember. She had a 2D form by then. Like a visual novel. Finally got my first emotional response. It was bad. I think it happened because I changed back to wonderland, It was a cellar at first. It was supposed to be a nice room later, but because of my lack of imagination it looked like a prison. Go ahead laugh. Anyway, I felt she was almost desesperate to get out of there. Well at least I got a emotional response. Changed wonderland to the front of my house.

Day 16 or so(13 to 20). Got second emotional response. She was happy, don't remember the reason. It was normal talking probably, that's why I knew it was her. She was much less blurry, let's say, and could move sometimes. Don't know if it was me trying to make her move, all I did was talking, and talking. By then I had about 30 hours of active forcing.

Day 23 or so(20 to 26). Changed wonderland to a place I like. A remodeled dojo that I used to train. She didn't complain this time, or rather, I didn't have a response. She got much better in my vision, and graduated from a 2D tulpa, she can change clothes more easily too. Even though I wasn't looking into working on that, I was working on vocal the most since the beginning.

Day 30 or so(26 to 31). New semester started my ADD got worse, and became very busy, somethimes I forgot about forcing. It happened a day or two. At least got a decent vizualization. Realized I should give her a proper name. I looked later for one, danm it's hard to choose a name for a dear person. To me she's like my daughter, even though the age(in her looks) isn't that much. Hardly any progress this week.

Day 32 to 36 - Worked on her movements. We danced, it was great, though I've only got 2 emotional responses so far. I also teached her basic karate and akijutsu, because so. Decide on her name, it's Niu(chinese). Her deteails goes as far my mind sight can see. I know she can change form, but she looks like that girl from Highschool of the Dead. The one with brown hair. If you want to know I've never worked much on vizualization, never saw the anime, only the first 2 mangas volumes. Also it may be because I wanted to, but her personality is of a diligent person, kinda cold. If you want a better image of that, it's the purple haired girl from the same series. Curious isn't it? I don't even like the show.

Day 38 or so(37 to present). Got 3rd emotional response, she was happy again for no apparent reason. Oh worked hard on vocal, used another tip from a guide, which I told hear to call me papa every time she want to reffer to me, but it looks like didn't worked, as I though it would. Feels like we aren't having much progress, I'm very busy again, ADD worse and to complete now my sleep is messed up. BUT I can get in my right mind to force, proof of that might be the emotional response.

To sum up: I know I'm not the best tulpamancer or even a good father. She is STILL not vocal, and it is the thing I worked the MOST. 3 emotional responses so far looks too little. Well at least I have a tulpa now and I know she's there. Thank you if you read this far. Sorry for bad grammar if there are(point me if so). Your thoughts and tips bro?

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hahaha yesterday I was thinking about this post, and barely didn't make any forcing. I forgot to mention a few things: I know 3 languages, english, japanese and the one from my country. So in my head my thoughs are splitted in something like thinking 65% in english 25% in my home language and 10% in japanese. When I talk to my tulpa I often mix the words. I shouldn't matter right? I mean, she is a part of me to begin with, so she should know the 3 languages? Is this what is causing her to be so hard to learn vocal? For me she never complained or showed any actions of being confused.
If you are going to be using the old-style FAQ man method of tulpaforcing.

Be prepared to go about 75 days (on estimation, it may happen sooner or later) without hearing anything from your tulpa.

However, if you are going to allow for parroting a la the Fede style of tulpaforcing (parroting and imposition from day 1), then you simply just imagine what your tulpa is going to say and boom, they are sentient so to speak (although you have to realize that you are the one "puppeting" them for the time being).

However, over time both methods should lead to an independent entity (over the course of months).
Actually I'm not following any guide, I just consult for tips, but I did read alot of them. You can say I'm more close to the old style though. I'm not too eager too, but when I see people getting their tulpas vocals in such short time, it makes me think I'm doing something wrong.

Today it was very good, even though I didn't saw most of it I definly had a dream with Niu for the first time. All I did though was call her name and hug her. But I was in a dream like state I'm almost certainly positive about it. Too bad she didn't say anything, guess it was our best chance so far.
[Niu] - Date of birth: 26/07/2013
Woah didn't though it was so long since I last updated here. It's been 4 months O_O!

Her current status right now: Not fully vocal yet, but she's more active than ever! She can communicate quite well with actions and feelings. She likes to change her hair alot. Not sure why.

My current status: currently on vacation, not forcing as much as I want or should've been. Still can't hear her voice well.

Well around that period(4 months ago), I don't remember much what happened, Niu says we played a few games(the forcing games). Also I could impose myself much better within wonderland. We tried switching, and it didn't work out.

Then 2 months later finals came and I was force to spend less time with her. Until around christimas. She got some new habits, and I feel we progressed a little, but now I'm not being able to focus again. That pretty much sums it up.

Oh yeah around these last days she told me nice tip: "if I want to listen to her, I gotta belive more". It wasn't exacly what she said, and it's actually more complex, but if anyone want to know I can explain better. I've been trying to do what she said to do, but I couldn't, too much unfocused now.

I omitted some stuff, because Niu told me to do so. But it is basically about her new habits. They made harder to fully visualize her details again.
[Niu] - Date of birth: 26/07/2013

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