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Not into Google
I can't say I agree with most of that article (I hadn't seen it before). I might have seen it on some initial searches a year ago.

"For all their penchant for banging imaginary ponies and weird cat things, tulpamancers have a great sense of humor."

I'm just putting this here, I don't feel comfortable commenting on it.


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Well, it was kinda accurate when the article was published in 2014, nowadays the humor part has somewhat deteriorated.

However the other picture in the vice article is way more interesting. No one noticed anything?
Since when are tulpas associated with aquatic monsters grabbing people? The artstyle isn't Sino-Tibetan either but clearly European. Short story - this image is a hoax. Here's a bigger version which is a really bad shop, no idea who made it and why though. In any case the vice author used a cropped version of this and added the text in the image in his article.

[Image: 209170.gif]
The image is also depicted in this article that came to the same conclusion as we did, would have saved a lot of time if we read it first.

Anyway, the original has nothing to do with tulpas and comes from the Book The King of Ireland's Son by Padeaic Column which contains several Irish folk tales. In the story The Sword of Light and the Unique Tale With as Much of the Adventures of Gilly of the Goatskin as is Given in "The Craneskin Book" a 'Fua' attacks the King's son and tries to drag him into the water.
[Image: 209169.jpg]

Quality journalism strikes again
An image search for 'an example of the form a tulpa might take' got me lots of murdered black people. I'm out of this...
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Well that's not good... and thay say we appropriated the word? It's better in our hands here.
Don’t forget the Vice’s article’s extremely high quality diagram of a brain. Very professional. /s
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