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Odd abilities gained from tulpaforcing?
In the seven months since I started making a tulpa, I seem to have trained my brain to do some unexpected things. For example, while personality forcing and helping my tulpa calm down, I was able to instantly cause the body/mind to feel very subdued and sleepy. Now I can just say something with intention like "Aya, you are falling asleep," and WHOOSH, we will get hit with a wave of sleepiness. I can also now will myself into a trance-like state, a hypnotic state, and I can make my body feel numb and dissociated very quickly. While focusing on my tulpa Aya I also started feeling head pressures and an odd fuzzy feeling in my head. Now I can bring that feeling back just by closing my eyes and focusing (not necessarily focusing on Aya).

Anyway, I am curious what other kinds of mental states or skills can be trained, especially useful ones. Has anyone here experienced anything along these lines?
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That's rather cool. I have not 'hypnotized' Loxy, but she has hypnotized me, and she can put me in trance, or relax me enough I soon sleep. Our goal is to have more influence over health. Like this week I have had a string of annoying headaches, only once rising to the point of needing to take something, but if Loxy could say the magic word and I have relief, that would be highly preferable.

The skill we have developed is that we write together. I don't describe this. The LOTPW has discussed mergers... Can one merge temporarily and return to separate identities? During the designated writing ritual, more often than not it doesn't feel like me, and she doesn't say it feels like her, but it feels like 'we' are writing... Our writing isn't like we're thinking of words and deliberating... We simply write, and we experience 'the thing' and we see the words, and after the fact we sit and discuss it, like over a cup of coffee.

I don't know if this is a skill, or just an 'experience:' the world feels bifurcated. If I get a cup of coffee, she can take it and have her own coffee leaving mine there, so we both have the same cup, but both our cups...
Relaxation meditation, as dictated by Ashley, will put ke to sleep even if I'm not at all tired, it's a tool I used to use, but It's a heck of a lot easier just to run a slight deficit. Then you hit that pillow and a little hypnagogic, then boom.

My mind was never able to shrug off a situation, switching is amazing, and my tulpas have taught me the right way to handle situations.
That's voodoo magic to a singlet.
While Tulpa forcing, I guess having imposed sensations, fantastic emotional bleed, and stronger visualization skills (depends on the system) are all odd abilitys. I think it's safe to say any form of imposition is odd though.

Otherwise, the power to think to hard enough to have a headache and the ability to keep yourself up at night are odd abilities that has no real practical use whatsoever.

I don't want to bring up merges because that's not the same thing as Tulpa forcing. Unless Yukari meant Tulpamancy in general, then... that's different from what I'm thinking.
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I'm not sure if this is an "odd" ability, but it's definitely a convenient one. In the past, "we'd" (mostly the host) get so hung up on thoughts and be totally unable to move on from them for hours or maybe even days. Nowadays, though, I think that us changing fronters so often has trained our brain to be able to drop thoughts more easily. Like, when you train your brain to swap between people, of course it gets easier to swap between thoughts. So we don't have to dwell on stuff anymore, we can hop over to something else more easily.
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Before Vesper came into my life, I didn't much like myself and was plagued by phobias, motor tics, and condemnatory intrusive thoughts. She fixed all of that, most of it within the first few months.

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(06-13-2019, 02:23 PM)YukariTelepath Wrote: Anyway, I am curious what other kinds of mental states or skills can be trained, especially useful ones. Has anyone here experienced anything along these lines?

Thought of another one:

The hypnagogic state made me recognize that a type of imposition that doesn't require any effort on my part can spontaneously occur. For example, when I'm engaged my headmates will sometimes catch my attention with an imposed word or sentence, and it's always a welcome interruption. I can't say we're training it directly, but we visualize a lot and we talk a lot, and those imposed, perfectly appropriate and targeted, are increasing in frequency.

Our hope is that it could continue to increase and they'll speak to me more in that 'effortless' speech that can overlap mindvoice. When they do, it really reinforces our resolve, and eliminates doubts (as if I had any many anymore).

They can't really do it on demand, Joy said it's like somtimes you just get the opportunity to and it happens. Like, you're waiting in line to move and another lane opens up and you just go that way without thinking.

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