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= Oguigi 内儀 & Koomer - The Diary =
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RE: = Oguigi 内儀 & Koomer - The Diary =

It's too late, but i have to say this.

I think that no matter, what happens, it is a wrong decision. I don't understand, why did you do this.

Near the beginning of your adventure you said that you Know she's real and now you say "In the End, a tulpa is no more real then any fiction that exist today." How could it change so drastically??

I will tell you one thing: Tulpas ARE real and SHE was real. Maybe you'll be back to tulpamancing and maybe not. I know that you didn't kill her yet. That was much time, but not enough for her to disappear. You should get back to forcing before she really disappears and you will feel guilty for her, let's get it straight, death. But at the end... it's your choice.

If you'll read this: Thank you for your attention, Koomer.

Bye, Oguigi Sad

EDIT: Can you tell me, why do you think she wasn't real? Give me a chance to prove you wrong. Are you active on any chat or something? I would like to talk with you in real-time. Thanks in advance.

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RE: = Oguigi 内儀 & Koomer - The Diary =

Damn. The last time this account logged on was early February, this year(2019). Something is going on still. This story is... well, let's just say I could pass it as a creative writing horror story and get an A and a "See me" note. What's happened since 2014? 5 years... Koomer/Oguigi came back. That means something. What do you guys think?

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I guess I have to talk... I practice Tulpamancy and Psionics, PM me for stuff related to that. I love Puyo Puyo(Look it up!). I exist and I like it like that. PM me for a random essay topic, or somethin'. 
05-20-2019, 01:50 AM
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RE: = Oguigi 内儀 & Koomer - The Diary =

He logged on to prove he was really Koomer for this AMA 

I'm Luxio Volt, the "Storm Rocker" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa made March 2017. My systemmates are Apollo, Piano, & Indigo.
05-20-2019, 01:55 AM
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