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OSDD-1 and Tulpamancy
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OSDD-1 and Tulpamancy
I've been thinking as to how OSDD-1 (formerly called DDNOS) is related to tulpamancy, if it could even be considered related at all. As someone currently being assessed for it, who has had parts that seemed, to me at least, to blur the line between fully-sentient system members, and more tulpa-like beings.

I realize that not everyone with OSDD-1 would appreciate the comparison, so I'm only speaking for myself here. At least in my experience, I imagine that the end result of creating a tulpa would be something similar to what I experience as far as independence/sentience/distinction goes. My question would be, for those who have been singlet most of their lives and aspired to create a tulpa- how independent is your companion to you? How separate are they from you? Do you consider yourself(ves) median, multiple?

I guess I'm mainly interested in the whole tulpa-creation process. To me, having to "fake it till you make it" so to speak, would feel very taxing. However no disrespect is intended, as again, I fully believe that tulpas/thoughtforms are fully independent and I frankly admire those who have such tenacity as to be able to reinforce a separate entity in their mind.
04-21-2017, 03:49 PM
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RE: OSDD-1 and Tulpamancy
I believe not. One of those reads Other Specified Dissociative Disorder and the other reads Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. One never became the other and both are still on the books.

Now, this is important. What is the specification that goes along with OSDD-1? Otherwise this diagnosis is completely opaque.

Most tulpa do not identify as median. There is usually very little blur of identity.

That is only one route to tulpa creation. The fake it 'till you make it route is not a great one unless you have no choice.


OSDD 1-A: DID with no switching
OSDD 1-B: DID with no amnesia

rewording of DID in DSM-V means most people with DDNOS-1A and DDNOS-1B will be reclassified as DID, as traumatic memory and blackouts now count to amnesia, and switching can be self reported or reported by family.

OSDD and UDD together are what used to be DDNOS. They even have the same code.

The new criteria that DID must cause cliically significant distress or impairment is the primary and most significant difference between tulpas and DID.

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04-21-2017, 08:21 PM
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RE: OSDD-1 and Tulpamancy
[Hail] While not explicitly mentioned in the DSM diagnostic criteria, most medical people are working off the model that DID and OSDD-1A/B plurality are traumagenic (see the rest of the text that goes with the diagnostic criteria in the DSM or the ISST-D for examples). They either assume non-traumagenic plurals are "actually traumagenic but have repressed the memories", are some other yet to be specified disorder either always or only if they experience a D other than Deviance (Danger, Distress, Dysfunction), or just not disordered.

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04-24-2017, 11:44 PM
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