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Poll: Can a Tulpa taste things their host is eating/drinking without possesion or switching?
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Yes(Said by Host)
4 25.00%
Yes(Said by Tulpa)
9 56.25%
I think(Said by Either)
3 18.75%
No(Said by Host)
0 0%
No(Said by Tulpa)
0 0%
I don't know(Said by Either)
0 0%
I don't care lmao(Said by Either)
0 0%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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Pencil's Growth: Day 1
As long as you are forcing them, a tulpa has access to all of the senses, including taste. I always make sure to force my tulpa whenever I eat particularly good food
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"

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I feel everything J does, but sometimes our reactions are different.
For me I always taste what my host eat/drinks, unless I'm asleep or purposely ignoring her senses (which I do when she eats foods I don't like).
Host - Me
Tulpas - Liza (Rava, Elizabeth), Inca
You're missing, yes, said by either.
I got too lazy with my PR...
So I observed something odd about Esper today! He has 5 forms, and his form either determines his current personality or vise versa, I'm not sure, but here are the 5 forms I observed:

Glasses On: Kinda geeky, very sweet, higher pitch voice
Glasses off: Bit more edgy, daing, I guess more fun to be around
Old form(Komasan): He goes into this form whenever he is doing psionics or something. I kinda see this as his "Wizard-form". A little bit more cowardly.
Anthro wolf form: retains his normal clothes and hair, but body is clearly that of an anthro wolf. Tends to go into this form when he's feeling cuddly. Acts very calm and collected
Full wolf: This is basically his "Alright let's get shit DONE!" form. Very determined, gets riled up easiest.

Obviously, Esper is the same person in all forms, he just acts different depending on his form.
The name's Bryan! In system Nobody(In order of the rainbow): 
Sean, Esper, Blinky, Compact, Janey, Kyle, Gwen'd, Gwen, 
Emily, Rollin, Waynin, Trease, Layy, Justin, Chloe, and Zachery. 
I guess I have to talk... I practice Tulpamancy and Psionics, PM me for stuff related to that. I love Puyo Puyo(Look it up!). I exist and I like it like that. PM me for a random essay topic, or somethin'.
I bet that isn't even his final form!

But yes, I do taste what Lance eats. It started with him shoving black coffee down his throat and him misinterpreting "blegh!" as "good morning!". Anyway, I find that though I do have my preferences, because he rarely buys stuff other than what he likes it's hard for me to get some decent comparisons and reading memories is like trying to figure out taste by book.. "Kale: minty, healthy, kind of bleh, needs toppings", what the heck does that taste like??? That's it, we are going shopping later. *pokes Lance*
So i ask my tulpas, "what do you want to eat?"
Shrugs from Ashley and Dashie
"ICECREAM!" From Misha.
Sorry dear, i don't have any.

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