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Personal comfort while forcing/meditating/visualization
I was wondering if any of you had some advice for sitting still and keeping your body relaxed during long periods of time. I tried visualizing with my eyes closed for 90 minutes sitting on a stiff chair. it was pretty good in the beginning but eventually I got pretty uncomfortable. I admit my posture is not the best, so do you recommend I persist with this method, or lay on my back or sit with a pillow on my back?

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I still use the pillow as a back support most if the time and feel comfortable with it. If you really want to stand without ant help, it's fine, but you'll have to put some practice into it until it feels perfectly right. In that case, you could always cut your sessions in two (not everybody's fine with it). As always, that's up to you, you just have to experiment and you'll get your own answers.
I need to be lying down in my bed and in complete darkness to be able to force comfortably, otherwise I cannot hold my concentration for very long.
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I like to sit on my bed, cross-legged, but since that can get tiring to my legs and back, I support myself with a mountain of pillows. Helps a ton, and for some reason, being surrounded with that surface helps me transition into my wonderland better than as is per the usual. Does this happen with anyone else?
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I lie on my back, on my bed, with my hands clasped on the back of my head. Sometimes, if I really need to concentrate, I turn on my tummy and bury my head in pillows
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