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[Personality] How do you spend an hour on one trait?
I need help. I can't think about one trait for an hour. I want to spend an hour,but it only lasts for 5!

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Don't worry. The creation process (And the whole process, for that matter) is never the same for any two people. The human mind is too complicated for there to be even a slight possibility that a universal, foolproof guide will ever exist. The best advice anyone can give is to look at not just one guide, but several of them, and find what works for you. If you can't focus anywhere near an hour on one trait, try looking in the guides section to find a method that does work.
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You don't. The personality step is fairly useless. Have a gist of what you want your tulpa to be like an roll with it.
I hear bacon grease and miralax can help unclog any brain related constipations, such as unfocused-ness or you know,you can go with what feels like it works
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When did you get a new tulpa?

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Bacon grease? Really?
Anyway, I outlined how I wanted her to be, then spent a small while 5-15 mins explaining what each trait is about and what effect it would have on her personality. Then once I felt I knew her pretty well I just got a feel for her personality and used that. It's worked pretty well so far.
Hope this helped Smile

A gist of what she feels like, just like what Derp said Smile
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(01-15-2014, 02:09 AM)CannibalisticBunny Wrote: I need help. I can't think about one trait for an hour. I want to spend an hour,but it only lasts for 5!

You don't need to spend an hour on each trait. You can stop when you feel like you've covered the trait to the best of your ability.

Anyway, Dane's trait template helped my flesh out my tulpa's personality, and it increased the session time from about 15 minutes to an hour.
As everyone said before, you don't need to spend that long on a single trait. Like Derp said, the personality process really is fairly useless. At least as long as you think it is.

If you want to go about that route though, if you want to spend that long on each trait, try thinking about different things that embody that trait. If you want a brave tulpa, maybe think about the actual meaning. Then move on to who you think is a brave person and think about the things they do that make them brave. Then think about brave acts and what any person can do that would make them brave.

This is only an example, of course, but you really can apply this to any and all personality traits. Start off with a base and then build from it. You will eventually go into more detail than you ever thought you would and you could be surprised how quickly the time can fly.

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