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[Personality] How grown-up does your tulpa speak?
I'm not sure how common this is among young tulpae, but C often speaks like a child. Not in a maturity sense, though he does act a little younger than I am, but in the sense that his vocabulary and grammar aren't as developed.

My first (unintentionally made) tulpa, who I basically narrated and parroted into existence, never had a stage like this. He talked just like me until he developed his own voice, and eventually was fond of using academic words that I'd never say in a casual conversation. He figured, why not, if we both know what they mean.

C, despite having all of my memories, and therefore vocabulary, prefers 3-word sentences whenever possible, and most of his spontaneous thought/speech is just, "I like that," or "I want xyz."

So, did you tulpa(e) have a stage like that? Did they grow out of it, or do they still talk that way? I've been narrating and playing that "name a ___ for each letter of the alphabet" game with him, but I'd be happy to hear more suggestions for improving his vocality, as well.


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I've heard of tulpas only saying basic sentiences at first, but I have never experienced that myself. My tulpa did start out saying much more basic sentiences than she does now, but it was fairly advanced the whole time
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

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Same, it wasn't vocal immaturity in my experience but certainly personality immaturity, moodiness, and a delicate emotional state. I have heard this before, and some of the guides i read have mentioned it.
I've had an interesting experience with Sylvia as she's matured. When she became vocal, she spoke, acted, and looked like a child about 8 or 9 years old. In the months since, she's "aged" rapidly, from 8 or 9 to 12, to 15. Now she's 16-ish, and I've definitely noticed that she acts like a 16 year old. I find it interesting that she chose to represent her maturation process by portraying herself as a literal child. I imagine that within the next month or two she'll finally have "grown up" to be the same age as the rest of us (19).

Elsa, too, has matured a lot over the years, though I created her when I was 14/15 so she's sort of grown up with me.

My suggestion for improving C's vocality is to just keep forcing with him, I'm sure that he'll eventually speak with a more adult vocabulary as he progresses.
Dunno, this never happened with Ranger. I imagined him as an adult man from the get-go, and Ranger never requested (as of now) to change that or seriously experiment with his age. As a joke, he morphed into an older / younger form but that's it. I think part of it is because he accepted a more mature role anyway, so being an adult made sense.

I have a thoughtform character that prefers his child form, but he didn't go through the whole kid to teen to adult thing. As of now, he alternates between his child and adult form depending on the situation.
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I sometimes speak in pink and Ranger sometimes speaks in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.

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If the first few days or so of some of our members' lives, they spoke mainly with a couple words or sounds, but they developed in the speech department pretty quickly, not taking long to get on the same level as everyone else in the system. Tulpas who were created intentionally had to go through this process, while "walk-ins" (intrusive thought that we perceived as tulpas) were talking immediately, since we expected them to. Nobody expect a "walk-in" to be unable to speak, and that's a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

We all front consistently and we're all at an equal maturity level as the host, with equal intellectual and linguistic capabilities. Of course I'm not going to make any assumptions on what our maturity level actually is, as that's a pretty narcissistic thing to do imo, but we just know it's all equal for everyone. Hypothetically if we were to create a new tulpa (which we're not going to do), it might take a few days to match everyone's speaking skills, but that's it.
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Reilianna is weird in that she changes depending on her mood and level of playfulness. I feel that has much to do with her ability to shapeshift whenever she wants. Most of the time she speaks as a fairly well educated and mature individual. I'd say probably late twenties or there abouts. When she's feeling decidedly playful that can drop as low as 5 or 6, or make me feel like the little child if she's decided to go ancient dragon type age of several hundred years. No don't ask me to try and explain that last bit because I can't, it's just how she comes across, typically when she's scolding me for some type of bad behavior or for doing something she really doesn't like.

Alena is a little different, I'd say maturity wise, if and when she speaks it's almost always as a young woman in her mid twenties. As she's only a few months old, she doesn't speak often but definitely gets her point across in other manners when she needs to.
You might find the survey on fluent speaking tulpa of interest?
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Haaah I had C start it but he stopped at the questions on romance, he's almost 100% chaste and pretty uncomfortable with it all.

I think he got weirded out in his early development because he decided I'm basically his dad, but I had been reading about how tulpa sex and relationships works :P

I'll see if he wants to do more later. He really needs to come post here sometime, but C's pretty shy.

Edit: Didn't use C's initial, whoops
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Nevira started with an innocent child-like wonder about the world but soon adopted a way more mature personality and tone.
Desmond went from an angsty teen to a whiny adult.
L barely spoke at all in the beginning, but I felt he was more child-like than what he is today.
Misa never grew out of her child stage, and probably never will.

I was 17 when I started and created most of my tulpas, 21 now, and it's probably safe to say that I've matured a lot, too :P We're growing up together, yay
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