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[Personality] JD's Guide to Personality Forcing
So then tulpas are sapient. Okay, that makes sense.

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Exactly, but people mean sapient when they say sentient more often than not.
I approve of this. Although personality forcing seems to be a hot topic right now, this has the potential to help /a lot/ of people struggling with getting their tulpas to feel more natural. I also like how it addresses the various different ways to approach the subject instead of just one way. Well done.
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Straightforward and well organized. The variety is certain to be more helpful to more people, and the introduction describing the optional nature of specifically doing personality forcing is great. Anyone reading this will know their options, and know that if they want to opt out of forcing personality they can without facing any negative front loading. Other guides would definitely benefit from such intros.
Approved for guide submissions. My reasons are similar to mayormorgan. There's not really much to critique on, it's a good start for newcomers to get some comprehension and split off into subjectivity with other guide submissions.
Approved, he does mention that this is an optional step and lists a lot of different ways to do something, also including few that are unique. JD's version of parroting is a bit different than Fede's, as JD stops it after a while on purpose.
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Yeah, I approve for Guides. A good overview of various personality methods.
Approved for guides. I will try the music method with my youngest and see if she picks up any traits.
Approved for Guides.

This is essentially a compendium of "personality forcing" methods. It's reasonably good, although I don't think it's truly complete. However, it does have some reasonably original ideas (music and "your own method", and in a way the parrot one is sufficiently original as JD1215 did popularize it to some extent).

To give an example of a method that I kind of like which I've yet to see it mentioned in any guide yet (although Bluesleeve's essence guide would be close to it, if the symbolism were to be removed):

Start by just thinking about how they feel, as in, how their presence/essence/thoughts should feel, basically similar to Dane's method, but without the personality narration part, just replicate the feeling of another person in your mind with certain expectations about their personality/behavior/voice/etc, and then just talk to them and watch what emotions/feels you get from them.

It would be essentially like tuning into a personality the same way you can "tune" into your wonderland or the sound of a voice or whatever. "Visualizing" a personality and all the involved emotions, at a preconscious/raw/abstract thought level.

It works since you do end up feeling like you have a person sharing your mind with you right from the start - one that can listen and understand your thoughts AND respond with thoughts that are easy to differentiate as they come tagged with that essence/presence feeling you just tuned into earlier.
6/9 GAT members have approved of this for Guides and will be shifted by the end of the deadline (1-13-2014).

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