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[Personality] Jimmy's late night guide to choosing the right tulpa base.

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Well, is the guide itself awful and is the idea itself awful? I'd say no, but...

Yeah, this is pretty outdated by now. Not only is personality not a required step and it's not really required you to base the personality on anything if you decide to use it, the short part about forcing here is just the usual symbolism which isn't very new. This guide would require some updating so it keeps up with the times.

I mean, this could go somewhere. A sort of guide for those people who want to do personality but don't really know how to start and what traits to use. For that, something like this could be awesome, but I don't think this is the guide to do that. Would have to be rewritten to be better and more in-depth, and I think that could be a pretty cool guide for those who might know what to do once forcing personality, but just not how they would come up with a personality. I think some might find a guide like that very helpful and looking at the characters you like (and their shared traits) isn't a bad idea.

But like I said, that guide isn't this one. Disapproved, but there is room for a similar guide done better.
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This isn't really a guide, it's more about helping you pick traits, thus I can't approve this for Guides.

Could it go in Tips? Maybe, but FAQ_Man's personality guide already talks more about traits and how they interact with everything in his own guide, thus making this guide redundant.

Could it go in Resources? Maybe, but again, it lacks enough content.

There's 2 important ideas here: that "traits" don't work in a vacuum - which is also covered in FAQ_Man's guide, and that you could learn from other characters when thinking about your tulpa's personality - which is something most people know and some guides allude to.

Overall, there's too little content here other than giving people a bit of food for thought on how to design their tulpa's personality and that they could take various personality traits from characters they know.

The idea is certainly not bad, but it's not sufficiently original or unknown, thus disapproved for now - also, the title could be more descriptive.

I feel one way of salvaging this thread may be to move it to General Discussion, and letting people contribute personality/character-building ideas to it.
Reasonable for tips, not for guides
5/8 disapprove (presuming Averian is off this week), and I'm not so sure on schlondark's vote (since you stated it could be practical for tips), but 5/8 is sufficient enough. Will be unstickied by the end of the deadline (2-24-2014).

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