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[Personality] Jimmy's late night guide to choosing the right tulpa base.
So, I'm making a guide at 3 am here. A quick breakdown of the guide: You've decided that you want to make a tulpa, but you can't quite decide what you want to base it on, or if you want to base it on anything at all.

Well, when thinking of a personality base for your tulpa, just imagine all your favorite characters. For me, I'll chose Helix as an example. Some characters that I like, and might base a tulpa on:
  • Zone Tan, a Hentai Character
  • Raven, from Teen Titans
  • Toph, from Avatar
  • Marceline, from Adventure Time
  • Vriska, from Homestuck
Now, what do I like about these characters, and what are their common denominators, personality wise?
  • Literal/Straight to the point
  • Not really afraid of what people think of them(selves)
  • In some instances, kind of sick
  • IDGAF attitude sometimes

And so on. Once you have a list of what all the common denominators are, and what you like about them, you can imagine what each one means to you; what sort of images it brings up, how it makes you feel, why you want it in a tulpa. What you can do is go into your wonderland and do this, and represent them with bubbles, or other containers.

After you've got all the bubbles, you can combine all the bubbles, and imagine how each bubbles relates to another. From here, you can use FAQ's personality trait guide, as that is very applicable. Now that you have a partially defined personality, you either take two roads, either continue working on the personality, and let the form that you've chosen for all those collected bubbles choose another form for it to take, or implant that personality into a form and continue working on the personality.

Some things things you can do is find the personality section of each character's page on their respective wiki (Example), and use that when defining what you like about each. Observing whatever media the character exists in and taking notes is also a good way.


Jimmy, with Helix, Pixel and Solace.

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This is surprisingly good.
My opinions are all subject to change.
lol bent again.

If I have anything to contribute to this thread, then I guess it's worth a mention that I originally intended to make a warmhearted and happy tupper using Raven's form and voice, after I had left Louis for a while and wanted to "start over". Then she became that humanized Pinkie a few days later, and things went on from there. What's left of Raven's traits is that Pinkie likes to wear the former's shoes and a dark-blue hoodie sometimes.

The guide, though, is only mildly useful. Just the usual symbolism.
Like this?
I have some reservations about the format of this guide, and I am a little freaked out that Jimmy might want to create a thoughtform based upon Vriska. I am setting these complaints aside. This thread does address an issue that I have having, and I like the approach prescribed. Let's try actually applying this method and she how it works for me. Consider me to be the test case. I have done some similar work already, but I will start over from scratch. Will you walk me through the process, Jimmy?
Here is my list. Actually, I broke it down a little further. I made shorts lists; characters who I admire, historic figures who I admire, and characters who I think might be fun to have around me without regard to whether I admire them. I call these my Persona Lists. I also made a short list of appearance forms, mostly mythical creatures that I find interesting. I call that my Form List. These lists are not complete by any means but rather items off the proverbial top of my head. After writings lists with way too many items on them, I edited them down to only my top two or three picks from each short lists.

Obviously, Jimmy's list was an influence in my lists...

Characters & Historic Figures: The Shadow, Terezi, Trixie, Lady Teapot (an original character), Sharon Apple, Ghengis Khan, Mary Shelley, & Isaac Newton.

Forms: shadow people, dolls, and A.I.s.

Jimmy, what should I do with this list? Please walk me through the process.
As I explained to you in the pm, you can either make a form, and it will choose a personality, or vice versa.

As for your characters, think about what you like about each. Since your characters all seem different, the idea of common denominators isn't easily applied. What are some things about Terezi that you like vs. Trixie?
"Terezi is alternatingly civil, flirty, manipulative, derisive and outright sociopathic in her interactions. "

"Trixie likes to show off and exaggerates about her magical abilities."

From personal experience, I know that they are both very involved in themselves (Terezi's roleplaying, Trixie's 3rd person manner of speaking). There's one thing. Id start off with analyzing those two, your OC and Sharon Apple, since they aren't very mysterious characters. What makes them relevant to you? Are these characters fun to be around? Stuff like that.

But I just have to ask, what do you like about the historical figures? Their accomplishments, or their personalities? Also, I encourage you to absorb more media to find more characters. Feel free to send me a list or two.
I have returned. Thank you for the responses, J. I did receive your PM, but I thought maybe I should resolve as much as possible in public for the sake of other readers who are interested in this method. I will begin analysising my choices immediately. Here are the traits that I like about Terezi: resourceful, patient, humorous (including poking fun at herself), playful, organized, expressive, and adorable. Trixie: proud, entertaining, and she has a nice voice.

Sharon Apple: focused on her goals, creative, intelligent, entertaining, appearance changing, and she has an awesome voice. Lady Teapot: funny, organized, proud, and wise in her own way. I just noticed something; all four characters thus far are fem fatales who were underestimated antagonists in their own stories.

The Shadow: basically like Batman but moreso, brave, intelligent, active, interesting voice (in some versions, the character was nothing but a voice), willing to work within his own rules and methods, that awesome cloak and wide brimmed fedora.

All three of the historic figures I listed were brilliant but in a particular way. They each created a new way of seeing the world around them, not just a new perspective but a new system which was both complex and enlightening. They also each had a spiritual side.
Personality bases, really? I thought we were over this when this was written. Maybe Jimmy was just behind the times.

I don't know what this guide achieves, really. It seems to say "figure out what personality traits you like and then force personality with them in the usual way", which doesn't seem to be unique advice to say the least. So I guess I'll disapprove for uselessness.
Disapproved for something that's already prevalent, or implied in other guide submissions. Personality, character, or whatever quality of self-schema for tulpas may come by naturally over time anyway. So personality forcing and what have you are usually just transient modes of progress, and this submission doesn't give much unique instruction though.

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