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[Personality] My tulpa is sad
Hi, I have a problem. It turns out that a day and a half ago I began to anguish the idea of ​​having a tulpa (my tulpa is called Kya and it has been a week since I started doing it, which makes her very young) and I was interacting. With her all week. Kya progressed a lot in a short time with vocality. She is very cheerful, always wants to play, is very curious and sees the positive side of everything, basically behaved like a little girl. But when I started to anguish myself at night, I asked him if he could leave me alone for a while until he called her, he happily accepted and said nothing. The next day, I felt he wanted to tell me something but he was holding back. I didn't want to listen to her until I felt better, but after a few hours I stopped feeling her. A day and a half passed and I called her, but she said nothing to me, I was afraid she would feel bad or worse, that she would disappear (since I read that it was possible that the tulpas would not last long) I tried to call her again and she answered.

At first I doubted if it really was because I didn't feel the same, I felt depressed and sharp. At first he told me he was fine, but after a while he confessed that life was not as he had imagined. Kya believed that everything would be games and fun, but while resting in my head he began to think and realized that life was difficult.

Now he barely speaks and seems sad. I do not know what to do, I told him that at some point we will play (that always makes him happy) but now he only responded very strongly and discouraged. She also told me that trees bore her (she loved trees!) And she didn't scold me when I heard sad music.

Help, I don't know what to do.

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This is absoutely normal for a tulpa this young. No one is happy all the time, no one wants to play all the time. She may have just started to realize that she has genuine desires, or that she can be genuinely hurt or upset like anyone else. Give her plenty of attention, accept that her interests and preferences may change day-to-day or even hour-to-hour as she figures herself out, and maybe try to build a routine. For such a young tulpa, not interacting with her for a day and a half might have affected her strength. Say hello and check up on each other in the morning when you wake up, and say good night, at the minimum, every single day. That's my recommendation. 

Good luck to you both! -J
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Young tulpas should have daily interaction.
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Thank you very much, she already feels better. He returned to his usual mood, although it is not the same. I am surprised that in a short time it has changed. But now it's better.

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