[Personality] My tulpa used to be a famous person
Is this actually possible? Or am I simply going insane?

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The latter.

Your total lack of context leads me to make a few assumptions I'm sure. If your tulpa believes they are someone they're not, best thing to do is simply explain to them that they're a tulpa and not that person, and that memories they have of being that person are not real. Encourage them to become their own person, rather than rely on copying a celebrity.
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Um, hey, tons of people think they are reincarnations of famous people. So there's that. Same thing with tulpas.
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im actually God
no scam
its true

As said, talk to your tupps and help him/her see that they are their own person not a copy of some other person. Or it's not actually a tulpa and your subconscious is trolling you.

The internet trolls aren't the problem
the subconscious trolls are
*cue the suspense music*

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