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[Personality] Sparring over Internet
Alright, I've had an issue for a while.
First, I made Fes a fighting tulpa. She was always one to fight, and she would always be. That's the way my baby works. Problem is, I've been stuck in a rut lately. I wanted to give her something to fight, but I can't find the inspiration.

So I'm asking the .info community. I either need someone to go back and forth with a bit to she what she'll do or someone to give me a few ideas on what to fight. She wants to end some wars, but that's impossible when the inside of my head looks like a desolate war ground every time I imagine her ready to trade some blows. No one is there that she can fight, nothing to fight. She's getting antsy, and I'm getting lazy. Please,, help me out.

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>give me ideas on what to fight

Giant centipede
Steve Buscemi
Zelda ReDeads
Steve Buscemi
Giant bee
Mad scientist clones her and she has to fight her evil clone. . . with lawnmowers.
I don't like calling her 'my' tulpa, I don't own her. She is the tulpa that lives with me in our body.
Imagine Saint Michael, in all of his shining glory, complete with his uber sword that can wipe out legions.

Actually, I think the fight would be a bit unfair xD

Or maybe, imagine your tulpa in a boxing match against Mike Tyson.
Will list tulpas when I get things sorted out in my head.
- Did Spike Spiegel really die in Cowboy Bebop? Argue
- Join a dogmatic Facebook political/this anime vs. that anime/ff7/ group
- Is Game of Thrones even worth the hype?
- Is your tulpa as insane as Yuno Gasai?
- Superman vs. Goku - argue
- Naruto vs. Sasuke - argue
- Madara vs. Aizen - argue
- Get some meat spray, spray it all over your tulpa, imagine some dogs, and she can only use a plastic fork to defend herself
- Make her kill 3 Regeneradores from RE4, with no thermal scope, and she can only use a knife, but if she gets too close, they may impale her with spikes
- NaruSaku vs. NaruHina vs NaruSasu vs NaruSakuSasu - Argue
- Keanu Reeves
- BeyBlade vs. Zatch Bell - argue
- She rides a boat, has to kill 9 sharks, and only has 6 harpoons
- Azula
- Richard Simmons
- Is Rainbow Dash best poni
- Kratos Aurion
- William Fichtner
- She regressed into a child-like form, and is locked with Robert Knepper, who acted in Prison Break as a child molestor, and your general psychopath
- Play a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game against Kaibah, and you can only use FTK Creator God of Light for an instant win; any other moves not contributing to summoning FTK, you will lose 500 life points each turn
- You killed Sarah Wayne Callies, and you now have to face the pit-pattering rage of Wentworth Miller from Prison Break
- Peter Stormare
- Teuchi, the Ramen Guy from Naruto
- Superman Prime
- Lord Zanza
- Any Mechon in Xenoblade Chronicles, and she can't use the Manado
- Perfect Chaos
Sloprano is the only boss worth mentioning. All other bosses are shit-tier.
Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012
these are all American political issues so if you aren't an amerifag like me then ignore:

Gay marriage: yes or no
Punish pregnant drug addicts: yes or no
Obama: black jesus or "towelhead" extremist?
Pot legalisation: yes or no
communism or capitalism

Non political issues:
Pop versus country
chocolate versus vanilla
You could always check out to find a bunch of worthy opponents.
Will list tulpas when I get things sorted out in my head.
Force her some bosses from Demons Souls/Dark Souls/Dark Souls II.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness in this world.

Tulpa: Penumbra
Form: Pegasus Pone
Current Stage: Everything. At once.

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