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[Personality] The art and skill of tulpas (Understanding and creating tulpas)
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RE: The art and skill of tulpas (Understanding and creating tulpas))

The section at the end talks about it. Maybe I misinterpreted. But I don't think guides should talk about killing tulpas anyway.

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11-26-2017, 06:50 PM
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RE: The art and skill of tulpas (Understanding and creating tulpas))

Final review:

Quote:Throughout my tulpa journey I’ve read plenty about what other people think of them, and many times I get frustrated due to how much people seem to like to make such a simple concept so hard and convoluted, full of weird terms and ideas that honestly just bring up more questions than they ask, and they often lead to newcomers asking the most appalling questions that shouldn’t even be a concern if they knew what they were actually dealing with.

... Bad start. Poking jabs at the culture and ideas of tulpamancy.

This is an unfriendly intro, and that's a bad thing. But let's see also, if you can support the claim that newbs ask appalling questions.

*reads on*

What is a thoughtform
Not convinced that any of this is part of the standard definition of thoughtform.

Yep. All these definitions are confusing to me. Too many words for defining a simple concept.

What is a tulpa
It greatly pains me to disapprove something simply because I disagree with their philosophy. However, my pain is imaginary.

Unlike the thoughtform section. I know this definition of tulpas is nonstandard. The description states opinion as fact.

Your tools
You can reduce the length of this section by keeping sentences more to the point.

Some minor errors in defining symbolism. Praying is not symbolic for example.

This guide feels very watered down. I'm halfway through and looking for the payload section of this guide.

Runon sentence in first paragraph.

The definition of personality is correct. However, there is a lot more to the mind of your average tulpa.


One has to go through and decode your metaphors to understand the process here.

Focus on believability implies this is what makes a tulpa.

The idea that tulpa is an uncomfortable topic in a tulpa guide is strange.

The idea that characters actually feel emotion is problematic given this is a tulpa guide. They don't.

Creator centrism.

Creating a character
Extroardinarily wordy.

Developing a character
Good. Wordy.

Nice example.

Creating and Developing a tulpa
"This is perhaps the part which puts people off the most, since they’re not looking at their thoughts in this way,"
Quick question. People are put off?

Basic but workable.

Your audience is really sensitive if they think this is crazy.

"and if you catch yourself doing them, good job!"
I'm afraid you lost me. That's parroting.

"but before this happens, you’ll have to have a good grasp on who they actually are,"
Not always.


The tulpa's character
:/ no bad.

So much with the being wordy.

This section is so strange and just feels wrong in what it implies about the supposed tulpa this is supposed to be helping.

"A good question one may have regarding the simulations is: “are they really happening to my tulpa?” "
No. It's imaginary.

Interacting with a tulpa
Your examples are not imagination.

That's puppeting.

Common Concerns
"On the subject of sentience, if you build your tulpa to be capable of reacting believably to certain feelings from the start, just like you should and probably will, then you have a sentient tulpa."

Real tulpas experience real emotions. This may or may not happen simply because you made a believable character.

"suppose you are a tulpa, and suppose your creator made you to keep them company, and they also made you to enjoy their company, and that’s all you do. Now, naturally, if you’re with your creator you’re happy, and if you aren’t, you’ll look to change that. You don’t think about doing anything else, because your creator didn’t make you to enjoy, desire or need anything else, so you don’t do anything else, you don’t want to. Why would you,"
Because they're tulpas and tulpas have real personalities. This will break.

Undoing a tulpa
:/ Method seems wrong.

Final conclusion: Disapprove. This guide has promise, but it's not there yet. As the original author has said they are done updating, I have difficulty finding the utility of this guide, and there is a shortage of other people agreeing with the guide, it is disapproved for now.

If it were like one half the length, and didn't have such strange ideas in the second half.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
12-07-2017, 07:37 PM
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RE: The art and skill of tulpas (Understanding and creating tulpas)

Thank you very much for giving it a second shot, tulpa001, I really appreciate it.
12-23-2017, 08:44 AM
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