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Hello, I stumbled on VERY versatile IM. Please open a link bellow and get familiar with discord. staff: Please share also your opinions. I'm a curious man.

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Discord is skype with 200% more memes and more fluid but equally crappy quality calls. Images and the like show up in-program. Considering the tulpa skype group I'm in, this seems right up your guys' alley.

Edit: A couple years later, it's not only less bad, Skype is even more trash than it was, unsurprisingly. The only reason left to use skype is if you have friends there who refuse to move. I'm currently using both.
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in-program images? so it's like Telegram? except Telegram is open source. I wouldn't mind a telegram tulpa group actually.
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Speaking as me: Having not yet installed and tried it, it seems about functionally equivalent to Skype. Skype does images inside the main program as of 7.x. But Discord says it doesn't use ridiculous amounts of CPU like Skype does, and probably can't call phones.

Sounds like a decent Skype replacement, but:
...Unless the protocol is open, other clients can't be made, and people can't do cool things like integrate support into games.
...Skype has a proven track record on security. If you send something through it, you can be pretty certain that the only people who can read it are the intended recipient, Microsoft, and the NSA. It's harder to trust a new product from unknown devs; then again its target use case is game chat, and that's not particularly sensitive.
...All my friends and colleagues use Skype. As much as I'd like to see it replaced, I don't see it happening unless something can offer more advantage than smaller CPU load, which is mostly not relevant outside of gaming. Also paying to call phone numbers, people actually use that.
...I can't see this lasting very long unless they come up with a better idea for making money from it than selling themes and sticker packs.

Speaking as an admin: Just like we don't have an official Skype group, I don't see an official Discord group coming anytime soon. Users can of course create groups on whatever system they please, and exchange usernames in PM , lounge threads or the bio field in profiles. If there's enough interest, we might add a Discord username field to the profile editor.
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Seems to be a promising software from what the site described about it. I might take a good look at it later and see if the software can meet my practical expectations.

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