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PM limit, signature limit, and double-posting
I'm about to hit the PM limit, and there's no way some silly text data can take up any significant amount of space, any chance that could be disabled or at least increased?

Also I am also running into the character limit on my signature. If I wasn't using shortlinks I wouldn't be able to have the below, any chance that could get extended as well?

Also I've been playing mafia recently, and one of the rules is no edits. However, when someone posts twice in a row it gets automatically edited in, hence it becomes an edit to the post. Any chance this could be disabled? (I know I'm pushing my luck but, could it be disabled per-thread?)

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PM limit has been doubled. Signature size limit has been increased though not doubled. People with annoyingly large sigs will be asked to cut back or reduce their font size.
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Oh cool. It took me like twenty minutes to fit what I wanted to fit into my signature. It's not that big, but tags take up characters and I have a color code + URL. And extra PM limit is good 'cus I get a lot of people asking for help, didn't want to start deleting PMs for no real reason.
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