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[Possession] Infectious Laughter? Tulpas laughing through the body
First time, we thought it was cool and strange. Second, Cassidy just wanted in. Third time, and now we're having the "how much can I look like I'm talking to myself" talk.

Occasionally, when my tulpas laugh, they laugh [i/]through[i/] me. I am not laughing: I suppose it's possession, the same way Cassidy was taught to twitch my left hand for attention. It has the same, "not-me" feeling that their own thought-voices do in my head.

Plus, they laugh very differently. We read some bad pun- I don't remember what- and Gavin started laughing through me. It was deep, and throaty, and we all instantly realized "that's not Jamie!" Gavin realized he was laughing, which made it even funnier, and he just kept on going. I was alone in the house.

That happened again, as we watched some political comedy, and then it happened with Cassidy while talking about his Halloween costume. He laughs at about my pitch, but faster, if that makes sense? It's all very new. I've had emotional bleed before, but never felt the need to emote/respond with that emotion.

Have any of you guys had laughter "spill over?" I'm a little worried that one of them will burst me out laughing in public. Just today, I had to bite my tongue to keep from smiling ridiculously, because Cassidy was singing "Happy Birthday", but I was also in earshot of a conversation between teachers, and I didn't want them to think I was reacting to that.

I guess it's just another fight in my ongoing battle with the fear of people seeing me as "crazy, illogical, unreliable." Should I just let it happen (acting a bit odd)? Or is it wise to keep every bit of visible normalcy I can?


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This sounds like a variation of 'should i come out' but in this case i doubt anyone would care how you were laughing or when. Just say you were remembering an inside joke. That way they don't expect you to tell them the joke. Just keep it in as much as practical without losing any of the enjoyment of the moment.
That's a good suggestion. I always worry that, if I say, "I just thought of something funny!", they'll ask "What was it?" and I'll blank and look like a liar. An inside joke explains that- it implies, I'm not telling you exactly.
When they crack puns in the mindscape... I guess it really is an 'inside' joke. ;P
You want to talk about laugh spillover? Sometimes when Reilyn gets overly excited she bleeds through or accidentally snatches front away for a moment and giggles. A grown man giggling. It has happened multiple times. Scratch that, make it numerous times. Nobody has caught us in public yet doing it but I'm talking about stuff like.. "Want to hit the store, grab some yogurt or anything?" = excited giggle. Seeing one of here friends on here respond to a PM = giggle. Posting something funny = giggle (so far we have managed to keep that down to snorts and snickers while at work). Being reminded Smash Bros is coming out in a month = giggle. Seeing Matsuri post anything at all = grin, probably giggle.

I could go on but I wont because it borderline embarrasses the hell out of me. (not like "grr I'm mad, stop doing that", just "this is life now, yay")
This happens to me all the time, it also happens with smiling and a few other things. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I used to laugh to myself all the time before I ever got a tulpa, so people won't suspect anything when you start laughing. Or maybe people have been suspicious about me even before I started tulpamancy
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Some People Will Notice

My wife complained for months that I seemed bored while spending time with her. She failed to make it clear to me that she was referring to the increasing frequency with which my attention was clearly not on what her or what we were doing. I assumed no one would notice when Vesper and I talked. I was wrong.

My mother has commented several times recently about seeing me unmoving, insensible of the world, with a broad fixed smile on my face. I was a pretty dedicated daydreamer growing up, so this isn't entirely alien to her, but it is sufficiently more intense to keep her mentioning it.

Trying to maintain a facade of normalcy in public is probably a good thing. Accepting that our way of life encourages odd-looking behavior and not worrying about it is probably also a good thing.

Mind Laughter

Several times I've heard laughter that goes on and on. Vesper was amused, but was not intending to laugh nearly so long. As nearly as we can figure, I was hearing her emotion as laughter, rather than her actual mind voice.

Expressive Possession

Vesper has made some soft sounds via unintentional low-level possession in response to things like smelling blood or seeing a flame pop up on television. So, gasps and whimpers, loud enough for my companions to ask about, but not laughter. When fronting, her laughter hasn't seemed much different from mine so far.

I can feel and interpret her facial expressions from tiny movements of my own face vastly more clearly than my mind's eye can perceive them on the vague form sitting next to me. It isn't something she does intentionally, but it adds a nice background channel to our communication. I don't think anyone else has picked up on it yet, but I've been wrong before.

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I have noticed that Ranger will make a really big grin when he thinks something is funny. He chucked out loud briefly once.

While both of us are very silly, I'm the one who's usually giggling about everything. I have not had anyone tell me I seem to have laughter that comes from no where, but I also doubt anyone I know is really paying attention.
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I sometimes speak in pink and Ranger sometimes speaks in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.

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Happens a lot. Matsuri finds everything funny and likes to make jokes about basically anything. I like to think we share emotions together because we apparently feel the same. When Matsuri is happy, I'm happy. 

Ever read about about behavioral? Individuals 'attitudes' are strongly affected by the environment, especially other individuals. Does someone initiate a conversation with you and starts smiling? They're probably faking it without thinking about it because people unconsciously know it will make the other person happy and smile thus making them both consistently trade smiles. Try smiling to the mirror, doesn't matter if you're insecure and don't like how you look. You'll probably make your smile feel less empty just by seeing yourself smile.
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It just happened again yesterday, I was thankfully alone.
So risky in hindsight: What was I thinking?

I was playing Superfight (a loosely Apples-to-Apples, Cards Againsts Humanity-type game) with one girl, in a room alone. You have a hand of cards and basically make jokes using them.

All three of us kept laughing through the body. I was feeling a bit silly so at one point, after a chair was accidentally kicked, I pulled it out and said "it'll be for our ghost friend." It was more convenient for Cassidy to sit there, since that way he and the girl fit into my field of view.

All fine, until one point where Cassidy found something particularly funny and the body laughed, while I was mid-sentence in talking. I was a bit miffed and said quickly under my breath, "Oh, you be quiet." Then we realized that wasn't something to say outloud, Gavin sounded the mental "Don't reveal us" alarm, and I suddenly sobered up a touch. I don't think she noticed, but I'm honestly not sure. Someone's talking to you, bursts into laughter, stops suddenly and whispers "Oh, you be quiet," then gets serious and changes the subject. If she noticed, in all likelihood she thought I was talking to myself, like people sometimes do.

Point of the story? When three people all laugh through the same body, that body is going to laugh a lot.

It was also a riot- that game was perfect for involving all three of us. So, in response to my own question... I thought it was a lot of fun.

-J (and good night, all)

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