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[Possession] Oguigi & Koomer Possession Starter guide
It’s well written and gives a good explanation over the underlying concepts of possession. I’ve personally had success with this guide when I used to use self-hypnosis and such a lot (and I still do this combination occasionally). Even though I wouldn’t say I’m proficient in possession, I still had good progress with this.

When I used to read guides during my initial periods in this forum, this guide actually made me more enticed on what else could be probable other than possession. Of course, I’ll save any tangents that may seem like a metaphysical bent and give this guide an approval.

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Possession guides are even harder to write than creation guides and as such, there will be even less possession guides that will work for people than tulpa creation guides. This too, will of course not work for everyone.

However, what I have heard is that using this method, the writer actually didn't manage to get too far in the possession and truly let go so they can start ignoring the physical senses and such. The host wasn't really able to dissociate themselves with the body so they basically got stuck and didn't get to their goal of switching. I hear they made another method which did help them more, which is the version I would like to see posted here. If such exists. This guide's "don't doubt" and "not everyone will feel alien movements" are possibly the reasons for their trouble. The first one especially isn't a good mindset at all when dealing with tulpas in the first place, of the second I'm not sure what to say when doing it with a vocal tulpa, but when I started possession with a non-vocal tulpa, it certainly didn't feel like my movements anymore.

The writer of this guide apparently quit tulpas, though, so I guess nothing can be edited by them. I would really like to see the don't doubt part removed from this before I approve of it. It has things that might help and some helpful tips, but considering this guide didn't even allow the writer to get really far in possession, I'm not sure what actually went wrong. Was it this guide's mindset? I don't know. But it makes me wonder about this guide's method, even though a lot of it is the simple usual possession stuff.
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I share some of Sands' concerns, as well as a few of my own. The actual guide, as in the basic "how to possess" seems remarkably brief. It really only seems to say "Host relax the body; tulpa gain awareness of the body; tulpa move the body." Also, it's not the most well-structured, being just 'guide' + 'addenda', and the grammar is a bit iffy in spots.

However, the guide does offer solid advice, and as for how well its methods worked, well, the writer may have had other issues that we don't know about. The thread itself shows quite a bit of short-term success, although maybe that's not the best indicator.

So maybe some more discussion of these points would be a good idea. I haven't made up my mind, although if a few of the issues mentioned were to be fixed, then I would definitely approve.
This guide gets used quite a bit for people learning to possess, and also those wanting to switch. Specifically, 5 tulpas I know on Reddit have used it to learn possessing, and 2 tulpas told me it helped with switching. (yes, that is hearsay.)
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This guide has helped many accomplish possession, has helped people become more aware of who is moving the body and to what degree. Glad the grammar and spelling was fixed. To the editor: good job.
As already stated, the guide itself is remarkably brief and the rest of it is basically exposition for the rest of it. Chupi's commentary could be useful but seems out of place here. Disapproved pending whether or not koomer/oguigi are still active.
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GAT Commentary:

Blank vote for now (count as if total approval ratio includes one less member for this thread).

This is a fairly standard possession guide: get the host to relax, let the tulpa take control (assumed), and have the tulpa try to move the body until it works and the host isn't getting in the way.

There's few possession guides on the site (although I've seen at least 3 off-site - one by Sands (tips - ), one by DJFlix ( ), and few in the multiple community (example: ), although the advice applies to tulpas as well) and it would be nice if we had at least one possession guide approved, however before that, there's a few things that need either clarifying or fixing:

"Doubt on the host's part is counter-productive, and not everyone will feel alien movements."
This advice may be a bit counter-productive in itself and may lead to the parroting equivalent for possession.
To generalize on what the perception of parroting is - uncertainty (or doubt) of knowledge that an action/movement/speech which should have been generated by the tulpa wasn't generated by them - that is, the host may feel that an action was self-generated or essentially having a sense of agency/ownership over the action, or more simply feeling as if they willed it.
Trying to redefine any action as non-self-generated doesn't always lead to that becoming a truth (subjective or otherwise) and may eventually result in people wondering why they can possess, but can't switch - where unassisted possession is actually required OR an even worse problem than the inability to switch - feeling none of the body's movements as being self-originated or non-"alien", even those which are (I do recall at least 2 people who had this problem after they tried redefining what they felt was themselves as "not themselves", despite not feeling any other form of sensory dissociation).

Sensory dissociation is typically an indicator of unassisted possession (along with a lack of a sense of agency/ownership or will over the action) and telling people not to look for it may have adverse effects on their future progress, if they wish to pursue more "advanced" endeavors like switching.
It's worth noting that most other guides either tell the user to watch for alien movements, for example:
In DJFlix's "at first the movements may feel like you, try to avoid this feeling".
In Sands' tips-and-tricks, you get a whole section about disconnecting from your own senses/motor control along with a picture describing it.
The for-multiples guide (which is more for switching rather than possession) just includes a litmus test for the tulpa's independence as the first step of the guide, thus side-stepping the whole "is it me or the tulpa" as the tulpa would be more than capable of learning possession in those cases (but then that cuts off younger non-vocal tulpas off from using a guide like that - and some tulpas can learn to possess even before they can talk - Sands' Roswell is a good example of that).

However, despite all this, I've heard of tulpas who have managed to go from assisted (either mirrored movements or even translated intent) to unassisted possession by sheer force of will, thus it can certainly happen - after all, possession is something the tulpa does, not you. The only thing I'm questioning is that particular piece of advice, especially when it concerns young tulpas who have yet to be entirely independent - especially when (unassisted) possession can be one of many things a tulpa can do to become more independent.

It's also rather obvious that telling someone that something is counter-productive may make it more counter-productive for them (such as doubt) - when a curious and mindful attitude (without caring about doubts) may sometimes yield better results.

The recently added "Trouble shooting & Guide clarification" section which is aimed at what they call direct possession (or unassisted possession, essentially without proxying movement or intent, but "just doing it") does mostly fix some of my earlier complaints, however it still does not inform the host about the right feelings they need to be looking for, and it also needs editing/formatting fixes.

I'm willing to change my vote to approved once the editing has been done and one of these 2 happens:
1) Getting more reports of unassisted possession and/or (sensory dissociation) switching DESPITE the movement feeling like themselves at the first - thus confirming this advice as being non-harmful (although it would still say nothing of the effects on a tulpa which doesn't consider itself independent).
2) More clarification on what the host should be feeling (ex. sensory dissociation, lack of sense of ownership over the movement, etc).

Leaving these details aside, the guide is decent/useful even as it is.
It needs some heavy work done on it both cosmetically and grammatically and with subject matter. I have to disapprove for now.






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