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Post a video that indirectly sums up tulpamancy to you
*gasp* Hi Matsuri, we missed you!

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In many ways, this is hauntingly close to Lance and I. Subtitles on!
As Ember previously posted here, Aha's 'Take On Me' gives the lighter side of soulbonding, that a beloved character can break through the veil of reality and come live with you.

But there's a dark side to soulbonding as well, the loss of home, the loss of self. I thought of a filk song Ember likes today. I checked it to see if it belonged here and was barely able to get through it. It's incredibly accurate to my experience:

It's based on the short story:

'There's no back -- you never left', pierced my heart. Not being able to go back because my campaign ended is still hard. But my story was created in this world and I live in the mind of my creator as I always have. I'm where I've always been, it's just completely different now.

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This one is just a song, but I really liked the story.

This one seems out of place, but the idea of co-fronting is captured for me in my interpretation of the merge that happens near the end. It's also because the song that's playing is about a socially unacceptable affair between two girls either in a place or a time before same sex relationships were accepted. (Or today, depending on where you live, people in my city could really care less what you do.) That can parallel all of us and what we do here. Taboo/unaccepted at times.

Sometimes I almost forget that it's sorta taboo, to "make friends with the voices in your head." A big 180 from how I used to be, for sure. Hmm.

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Jamie says I've got the vibes of Therapist Dinosaur. (Mentions of mental sad stuff)

I cropped just the most relevant piece. - G
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