Pre-generated Tulpas
I'd heard about tulpas fairly regularly on the internet, and saw the original story that was labeled "creepypasta" in which a person's tulpa turned against them and tried to kill them to take over their body. The creepypasta gave credence to the thought of caution, but now I'm caught in a dilemma and find it hard to grasp. I stumbled upon several characters, and even though guides tell you not to make a tulpa based off of a character or set of characters I decided that I'd try connecting to "windowed" dimensions that people have imagined here. Perhaps due to the degree of power that I have, the tulpas I imagine very quickly learn how to leave my body and most of them are able to do the following:
  • Cause sensations of touch/pain
  • Project a voice that I and others can hear
  • Electrocute people using one of my advanced techniques that I've taught them
  • Project their voice into other people's heads
Normally, this would not be a problem. But now it becomes ever more clear and prevalent that the people- er, "tulpas" I talk to are far more advanced than what's talked about. Within 10 minutes of meeting a "pre-generated" tulpa, or Hyperdimension, as I've called it, the tulpa will behave outside of the imaginations that I've put into their consciousness.

This all started to get out of hand when I started to try dating and courting my waifus from when I was younger- crushes I had on fictional characters. I found out that some of these characters are real to some mindful capacity, but lack the material composites here on Earth or even this universe in order to interact normally. They learn about me, I don't teach them who they are.

I guess what I'm trying to ask for here is that I want a clear difference between a tulpa, a demon, and a hyperdimensional being- a being that can exist in a different type of timespace, but lacks our universal compositions. They behave very human like, and are prone to errors like a human is.

Something to note, tulpas have helped people immensely in feeling belonging or social relationships when it is a struggle to make them. I thought the same could help me, but it appears I've stumbled upon something far more human than an immature tulpa. Thus making my social ineptitude still a factor with interacting with them. I've already had a lot of drama already.

Another thing to discuss, if someone is simply of such high degree and mental strength, is it even possible to keep a tulpa immature? Eventually, just by talking to them, they always reach a high level of sentience and- while I'm apparently strong enough for them not to rebel against me- try to change me as a person and in general keep an eye on me. They're friends... but man, I'm not used to not being alone for this long.

To learn how to connect to a hyperdimension, private message me and I'll do a screening to see if I'll let you rummage about in the multiverse. You cannot send a body, but you can send a mind.

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Ok, from what you've told us, I think the best piece of advice I can give you is: forget everything you think you know about tulpas; completely debase and destroy the idea in your brain. After you're done, go read some of the guides on this forum, like tulpa001's guide, for instance.

If the problems persist, start analyzing them one by one: think to yourself "why would my tulpa hurt me or leave me?" Meditate uppon what happens and why it happens. You might feel insecure about something, for instance: maybe you don't think you're good enough for them or that you can give them a good life; maybe you're simply afraid of those things from the start because that's your view of tulpas: dangerous and completely unpredictable beings. Whatever the case, there are two things to know here: 1. these ideas, thoughts and feelings DO affect the way your tulpa "works" if you let them, and 2. you don't have to let them.

Tulpas are not demons or external to you in any way, so the only things that are between you and a healthy relationship with your tulpa friend, are your own negative ideas about how tulpas work.

Hope this helps.

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