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Psychedelics aiding you while you force?
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Psychedelics aiding you while you force?

My question, I wont say that I do or dont do psychedelic drugs, but I want to know, would they help in some sort of manner while you force. Lets say, you cannot understand your tulpa, you both want to impose,etc. The drug opens your mind to understanding things so much better. It lets you answer things you couldn't of ever answered while sober. So, do you think this would ever work or makes any sense?
01-10-2014, 08:33 AM
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RE: Psychedelics aiding you while you force?

<<Disclaimer: I do not endorse the use of drugs. It is up to the individual ADULT to take the proper steps to research and understand the effects of a drug before taking it. It's not my fault if you mess your mind up.>>

Having some experience with LSD, i would be very cautious about this. Now, i did this before i had a tulpa, so these are just my opinions about how i think it would be.

In my experience the drug did open my mind, but i don't think it ever made understanding things "better". It caused reality to take a hard left, and my perception of reality followed suite. The problem is that you do not control this shift in perception. Because of this shift in how you see the world, people have been known to undergo minor to major personality shifts after the effects have worn off and you've "digested" what you've been through.

Now on the one hand, it could go well. You and your tulpa could end up on the same "wavelength" and connect. The drug could break down your barriers and make your tulpa seem as real to you as anyone else, leading to 10 hours of great communication. In higher doses your tulpa may be able to impose to some degree. After it wears off you could retain that mindset and have a closer bond with your tulpa.

Alternately it could go very wrong. Even if you don't have a bad trip, you might stumble upon a doubt that causes you to think your tulpa is just your imagination. From there your perception could destroy them, or change them completely. Their whole personality could change, and this change might scare you, leading to you being afraid of your tulpa and setting off a chain of self fulfilling prophecy where you think your tulpa is trying to kill you for 10 hours. Or if you take enough your tulpa imposes and the same thing happens. If the mindset sticks around after the trip it could cause obvious problems for you.

Your mind is the home of your tulpa. It can be very dangerous to shift that landscape to such a large degree. You never know how your trip is going to turn out. If you have any more questions let me know.

To Everyone Else:
LSD is a serious drug. The effects last approx. 12 hours and there's no way to stop the ride once it starts. Please be responsible and research any chemical, and it's effects, before putting it in your body.

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01-10-2014, 08:26 PM
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RE: Psychedelics aiding you while you force?

I've heard some people claim that their disorientation from the trip caused them to be unable to focus on or hear their tulpa, while others have stated they were better able to visualize their tulpa and listen to them. I think like everything else in forcing it depends on the individual experience, your state of mind, as well as other variables. I wouldn't be able to say whether it would help or not--it could, it could not. But definitely heed the warnings of the poster above^

01-10-2014, 09:34 PM
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RE: Psychedelics aiding you while you force?

I don't very well know the difference in effects or such from digital drugs as opposed to actual drugs, but there was a thread a while back where a few people experimented with the effects of digital drugs on their tulpa/forcing abilities, so if there isn't too much of a difference, the results might interest you...
Also, I just came to the sudden realization that you could also look in the Research section of the forums, since there are a few easy to find threads about this subject

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01-10-2014, 11:48 PM
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