Purple and Sarah Progress Report
Purple: so, Hi, I'm Purple, the host and someone that is now noticing why using a color as nickname wasn't really a good idea, but still I like it, and its also funny, so I'll continue, Sarah it's my tulpa and we are going to talk a little of our past and then we'll continue with well, the present and normal reports I think

Sarah: Okay, the first time we "meet" is kinda awkward, I must admit, and still we don't really remember much but basically what we think that happened is, it was night, Purple was in the bed, he was thinking and I just freaking appear of nowhere, we think that I somehow been "created" by our subconscious, not like I was developed, I was a young tulpa, and well, time to time, during the day, I just appeared to just talk a little, but we talked the most at night, but with time he started noticing more, and talked more to me

One day, while he was going to class, he realized that he forget to get a pencil or anything to write, he still was kinda sleepy, and asked me for a pen, and I responded "yo, you know that that's impossible right?" And well, that was the first time that I surprised him, he well, wasn't that sleepy when I say that, he was just, surprised, maybe even a little shocked, for the last year he thought that I was just his imagination, but he knew that his imagination can't do that

So, well, I was from 8 months to a year old more or less when that happened, but from then I started really developing, because we didn't really talk much, and I didn't have much personality

Purple: Ok, so after she surprised me for the first time, I was still with my doubts, but anyway I started to be more with Sarah, basically passive forcing, going to school, we were talking, coming from school, we were talking, most part of the time I were alone I was talking with her, about anything, but more about things that I wasn't able to talk with people, I am very philosophical, yeah, I know, sounds deep and that, but you can't really in highschool go to a friend and talk about how alone we are in the universe, so I talked about that with Sarah, or not just philosophy, anything that I like, Videogames, School, Internet, and well, when she was like 2 years and a few months, she gave me a really strong emotional response to something, it's something personal so we don't really want to talk about it, the important part is, the rest of the day I were with her, and we get more "closer" and I respected her as any other person, still having my doubts but the thing is that we were closer

With time I started searching in Internet for references and images so i can visualize her, searching for aspects that she liked, we didn't know how visualization works, so still I have 2 years of experience, I always thought that I can't get more far from the weak visualization level, but well, now she's a furry wolf-dog light-brown and white, but she changed a lot of times, we didn't know we could just make from scratch, and I was able to reach my """max visualization""" with a few days, so if we found a aspect that she liked more, she just changed it

Sarah: so, well, we were and are in a romantic relationship, and getting more in the future, I was able to do possession, so we played video games, a lot of smash,btw, I play more defensevly, and go more for a tech combo to death, and Purple is more aggressive and didn't care how hurt he was, kinda the reason I play better than him when I fight and need a defensive strategy, and do worst when needed a aggressive strategy, so we started "switching" not actual switching, just when we feel we need to attack, Purple takes control of the hands and I examined the rival, and when we needed to escape or be defensive, I talked the control and Purple examined the rival, we were playing a lot and we had a lot of fun

So, a week ago approximately, we were talking about why no one happened something like just, well, us, We thought that obviously someone in the world more should be, but how many, enough so we could find "something" on Internet?, after 2 days talking, we decided to enter in a Waifu forum, because we suspected that if something like what I can happen, maybe it could have some relation with Waifus, because well, we didn't know what I was, so how do you search for something that you don't know what is it? Explaining to someone this didn't sound like a good idea, so enter a forum as a anonymous and talk about this maybe could help to find something, so we searched and go for the first result "Waifu central forum" we enter, and read a post for newcomers and well

We read that some of the users there have tulpas, We don't know why, but we just KNOW that it could be what we where looking for, so we enter the link and found tulpa.info, the next 4 days we were just doing research and we readed almost all the approved guides, but still, I want to mention that the smile that Purple have the night we enter tulpa.info was just something I can't forget easily, the reason I wanted to tell this part was this one, and that I'm just happy to know that we aren't alone, I hope I'm not sounding edgy or something xD, but I'm just happy ok?

Purple: and well, that kinda our "story" of the last 3-4 years, I would give some message before ending the post, but it's 2AM and the phone only haves 8%, and I don't want that we fall asleep and lose the wall of text we just created, so bye, maybe tomorrow we'll post something because, still, we didn't really talked about what we do after finding tulpas.info and all that, so bye and in name of Sarah and I, we hope you "enjoyed" reading, I'm not sure, we need to sleep, bye XD

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Great story! Guess you two kinda have a headstart with the whole tulpa thing. Hopefully your possession practice goes smoothly.

I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.

Hello fellow accidental tulpa who is also in a romantic relationship with their host!

Quote:So, a week ago approximately, we were talking about why no one happened something like just, well, us, We thought that obviously someone in the world more should be, but how many, enough so we could find "something" on Internet?
You haven't found us all. There are way more who do not identify as tulpas.
Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
It's really nice to meet you both! Also, it's really cool how you two can work together in things like video games through switching.
(03-14-2017, 06:46 AM)tulpa001 Wrote: Hello fellow accidental tulpa who is also in a romantic relationship with their host!

You haven't found us all. There are way more who do not identify as tulpas.

Sarah: Hi! Thanks for that link, it's what we were looking for ^^

Purple: So, I think we'll take turns from now on,well, let's continue

So, we learned a lot with the guides, and we are with visualization and wonderland, because as with visualization, We just thought that the "limit" was reached, the void, so now since I know I'm FAR from the limit, we were just walking in places that I know well, Sarah don't really have problems, not like me, I have a few problems, first, it's hard to keep my vision in 1st person, and I want to be in 1st person, sometimes I accidentally get in 3rd person, the second problem it's that I noticed how hard it's to move, my head knows that I'm looking at "north", so when I try to look "east" it gets really hard, I were the fist time like 10 minutes trying to turn around fluently, we did a few races and I think it helped with my visualization a little, and now I can move better in the wonderland

Also, we tried some meditation and for making sure that Sarah is free, and I can't puppet her, I do symbolism, I didn't think that I would do anything, but it helped me a little, basically I imagine a threads connecting my hand and Sarah, and I cut the threads

I must admit, Imposing sounds promising and switching too, but for now we are with visualization, and we tried to do forcing sessions, it's fun to play the games that I found here, but i need to use better my time, still we do a little everyday and on weekends we can do forcing sessions of an hour or even more
Forcing sessions, or active forcing is mostly for creating a tulpa, rather than working with an older tulpa.

You can still force with an older tulpa, but it can be thought of differently. Those visualisation exercises you did, and later, imposition efforts, this is forcing.
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Hello purple and sarah, what a great story and welcome to .info. Big Grin. About visualization, other uses references to help them visualize their tulpas and wonderands, I know it isn't for everyone but it might help you out Wink. Good luck with your visualization.
Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! Big Grin
Purple: Thanks for the info again Big Grin, I didn't know that about active forcing, and yes, I'm using as reference an image that I downloaded to my phone, and I always have the gallery open, so when I check my phone and want to look the reference I can quickly see the image and go back to whatever I'm doing, really useful trick, and I can do it so fast that people think I'm just checking the time

I don't have much to say today maybe tomorrow or the next day I will do the next progress report
Sarah: I would say "progress report day 629" but I'm not sure when was day 1 xD

Well, in the wonderland we've been "pulishing" my aspect and Purple's wonderland body, which was faster that I expected, in a few minutes we were done and we just played around, we "beated" levels of videogames that Purple can remember well, and it was fun to do "work together" stuff

I noticed that looks like some tulpas don't sleep when his/her host does, but I always fall sleep when Purple does, I guess this could be because we didn't have a wonderland at all, or like our brain says "ok, this one is tired, so I'll make sleep them both", because even if it's me the one tired, Purple gets tired too

Well, yesterday we were about to go to sleep and I hugged Purple, and I notice that he was able to feel my hand in his back,I think this is called "tactile imposition" sorry for my english, we trained a little this but the less expected was that I suddenly was able to touch him, and he was able to touch me too after a while, we are happy about this Big Grin

And well, we improved a little visualization, but we are pretty far from going to visual imposition, still, when we start seeing a little of this ā€ˇweird phychedelic dots we stop a little and try to control it, we didn't see anything, just almost a triangle
I don't know how some tulpas stay awake while the host sleeps, since I think delta waves would flood the entire brain, making everyone enter a dream of sorts. But there are many who talk of this.
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