Questions about self-hypnosis
1. What are the capabilities of self-hypnosis? What are the limitations on the effects of self-hypnosis? Can it be used to break through mental blocks preventing certain abilities, such as visualization? I ask about this as I suspect that my inability to see anything in visualization is the result of getting a negative trigger that activates whenever I try to consciously visualize, making me feel very anxious and incompetent, as well as giving feelings of "I suck". Which brings me to:

2. How hard is it to get into a "hypnotized" state for a person that cannot visualize at all? I read that many hypnosis scripts induce visuals to get the person reading it to relax --- visuals that I cannot see, as far as I know. Can I still be hypnotized with traditional scripts? If not, are there any modifications that I can make to a script to make it work?

Responses will be greatly appreciated. I really hope that I can get my visualization to work as I have no idea how to have better interaction with my tupper otherwise.

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1. I don't know, hopefully someone else can answer
2. Visualization is merely a helper, not a necessity. I'd suspect most traditional scripts would work just fine. You could also try modifying scripts if you like. Perhaps remove/change direct commands to visualize (eg “imagine a large dinosoar in front of you”) but leave indirect things (eg “There is a large dinosoar in front of you”) as you can still get the experience that way.
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No offense but these answers are easily found by googling.

But as for the visualization part, being relaxed can enhance visualization as the dream state begins to take form. But the downside to
that state is that concentration becomes increasingly difficult.

Visualization is a skill. Keep doing the kick until you've mastered it.

Hypnosis does not require visualization. Visualization is an aid to calm the mind, so long as you let the visualization go. It's one of many methods, I personally don't do it. I count down from 100 to 1 and then wait until I feel relaxed enough. Alpha/theta binnurals help. You don't need to follow a guided hypnosis, just do it yourself so it's customized to you.
Thank you two for your responses. I did read about the above information elsewhere, but I simply wanted to be sure. Apologies for wasting your time.
The whole process of creating a Tulpa is self-hypnosis. Going into a hypnotic state on your own is difficult, it requires a lot of practice. If you manage to enter a hypnotic state, you will be able to divide your personality with a simple suggestion, thus achieving in an instant the creation of a Tulpa sentient and tax. This is the method by which the Tibetans create them, they enter into hypnotic states, that is why it does not take months or years to create a Tulpa, they simply with one or two sessions of meditation manage to create a Tulpa
I don't think you wasted anyone's time.

also, this is unconventional but if you try hypnosis 3 or 4 times and find yourself unopen to suggestion, tryba fee drinks or a smoke before doing it again. I find my mind gets more pliable when im intoxicated, but your concentration will be affected.
Not a waste a time.

1, the only limitations of self hypnosis is your beliefs. what you tell yourself the most, you will believe. (If you want a really good book that's easy to read that covers the basics of this, find "what to say when you talk to yourself' by shad helmstetter. You can probably find a free pdf of it, but for sure, there is a free summary of the book.) naturally, when you start to change your internal script, there will be an initial resistance. For example, in your narrative, you continue to reinforce the idea that you suck at visualizing. regardless of the validity of that statement, saying that, you said it what, several times? reinforces that. Most people are visual, but even those who interface primarily through a different sense, I am auditory for example, visualization is something the brain does naturally, even if it's on a subtle level that you're not aware of. so like the above example, I say dinosaur, your brain will have provided you something that gives you that idea, even if you don't think you see it, you definitely know what it's not, and so if you started looking for related images, you would find something that matches your knowledge of that thing.

2, there are all sorts of ways to hypnotize people. a good hypnotist would explore a series of questions and find the best way to engage you as a subject. everyone has walls and resistance, and, there is always a door or a window somewhere to get past it. If you go to sleep at night, you have past through the zone that a hypnotist aims for, trance. if you have gone to a movie and were so caught up that you forgot you were in the theatre, you were hypnotized. we go in and out of this state all the time. some people are more challenging to hypnotize than others, for a variety of reason. I know clinicians that can help someone quit smoking in one session. My average is about 6. Some people are more able to engage than others. Some people have things to overcome. Self hypnosis works, and you can do it, and you can do it without using anyone's script. Make your own, stick to it, and stick to it even when you're ready to give up because "F, this doesn't work for me.' This is not Microsoft windows and you push a button and get immediate results. (oh, i mean mac.) I speculate that your brain subconscious holds a particular program that is testing your resolve, or just giving you push back. that means it's working, and that sucks, because you will have to work harder than the person who reports success in one session. but that's okay, cause when you get it, that success feels great. So, for example. I set my mind to lucid dreaming. I was a crazy man for two weeks with notes and reminder and alarms going off and reality checks and it took a solid two weeks before I had my first LD on demand... self hypnosis is that. it take effort to change. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

hang in there! I believe you can do it.

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