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Alright to stop myself from making a new thread for every question I have I am just going to put any and all questions here.

Alrighty, now I have a question about Visualization/Imposition. Now I have heard that Tulpas can have multiple forms The max I have seen is about 3. However, I was wondering could a Tulpa be given a shapeshifter trait? Like where you could sort of give them many different forms to turn into at their own will.

Ex: My Tulpa wants to fly in Wonderland, however she doesn't have wings. So she shapeshifts into a dragon (That I designed) She flies to a beach and wants to have a deep sea adventure or something and she turns into some sort of Dolphin or mermaid or something. Etc. etc.

Basically can they change forms while in your presence, like as you are visualizing them? I guess this would also probably tie into Imposition if I ever got to that point.

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Yeah they can. Tulpas can be Litteraly anything you want them to be. You want it to shoot lasers out of its arse? Done! You want it to shapeshit? Done! You want it to take the form of a talking chair? Done!

It's all up to the limits of your imagination.
[I like to change outfits, but not really any different form. But when I do change forms, I just do it. My outfit immediately becomes what I want it to be. I guess if you want to have a shapeshifter, you could have some Sailor Moon type thing where light surrounds them until their form is changed. ]
Yeah, Q doesn't change very often but he totally can, so I think that could be a possibility for sure.
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The complicated part is to design and fully visualize every different shape. Of course it can be done but it will take a colossal amount of time.
You could teach her to create these forms by herself but it may be difficult at the beginning.
On the other hand, almost everything about tulpas is difficult and time consuming, so I can only encourage you to go on with this idea. If you succeed, it can only give you both confidence and straighten your bond.
Good luck then !
My younger Tulpa Alex has two forms. He can appear as a young / child Dragon, or as a humanoid kid (he retains his wings and some draconic traits). I suspect he also has a fully human form as well. So, yes, it's possible. The only caveat is that it could make imposing more difficult because you would need to learn each form in a very detailed way.
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Your tulpa could also just be able to fly without wings. Bud has wings and hardly even uses them.
Alright Im feeling hopeful about the shapechanging right now.

I do have another question now though, if you want to inform me still on the shapeshifting just send me a PM : )

My new question pertains to an event I had while reaching for my Tulpa. I usually do some sort of meditation and I was trying to contact my Tulpa, but I found a sort of strange presence that seemed to emanate from the back of my head. I sort of "Pressed" on it with my will or something and I felt really strange. Not in a bad way, but the normal head pressure that I felt from my Tulpa intensified by 3x Im wondering If I found the part of my mind where Tulpas are created. I am wondering if I can more or less manipulate that part of my mind to make Tulpa creation a bit easier.

As an example from what I've heard, Trying to interact with your Tulpa at first is like trying to interact with someone from a different country who vaguely understands your language. Now Im thinking if this part of my mind is where Tulpa sentience development etc. takes place then perhaps I could use it as an advanced translator or something. Like stream images to that part of my mind or knowledge to give directly to my Tulpa.

Again Im not certain, but I felt a better connection (Briefly) to my Tulpa after I sort of... connected? with that part of my mind. It was a brief moment though and I haven't really been able to reach the spot in my mind since this scenario unfolded.

So basically, what should I really do about all that?

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