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Quick question
Out of sheer curiosity, has anyone here ever had another friend who has had a tulpa or been in a relationship with someone who has?

How did this work for you? How did you find out about you friend/boyfriend/girlfriends tulpa? Did your tulpas interact?

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Well I told three friends of mine about Dante. The first guy I told I knew he'd be interested, he's into this sorta stuff. He actually did create a tulpa after I suggested sending him a guide to start, said it named itself Alex or something. We don't really talk about our tulpas much though.

My other friend tried a few sessions to force. He seemed less excited about the idea than my first friend, but still wanted to try it. He failed, he didn't have the patience or concentration so he just gave up.

The last friend didn't seem to care either way. All I did was explain to her what a tulpa was and that I had one so I could tell her a story involving tulpas. After that we didn't talk about them again.
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My friend, Marius, writes a lot. He goes into great detail with his character creations and when I told him about the community, we both came to the realization that Hai-tu, Zane, and Chandra had been long formed tuppers of his.

Since then he's master tactile imposition and possession.

His tuppies and Bud talk all the time via proxy. Or we will be doing whatever and one of his or Bud will chime in mentally and we proxy for them that way. "Oh, so-an-so said this" or "Oh my, you should SEE the face they're making right now". It's become very normal for us.

Bud even calls Mar, Uncle Mar Mar now.
Besides my friend [REDACTED], who introduced this to me, I told my girlfriend and most of my closer friends. They were fairly interested but only my girlfriend tried I make one (who ALSO decided to name her tupper Alex, so that's wierd), but things went badly an now it's a sensitive subject. I don't talk about them too much or at all, really, to my friends.
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I've mentioned the phenomena itself to my coworkers. One of those "so here's this cool, psychological process" kind of things and I've had a lot of positive feedback. Someone even asked, "if I had one", but I skirted around it a bit because we were working.

My girlfriend has also been doing some forcing. On and off since I started myself. She doesn't feel she's disciplined for it, but her tupper is still there, guiding her at times. She told me how sometimes she feels them, but they don't exactly feel "real" yet.
My best friend had one for years and didn't even know it! I told her about mine, since I felt safe I could, and she started thinking about this thing that had been with her for awhile. They never really talked and he was always kinda "in the background". But after we talked about it, and spent a VERY long night on chat, we got him to come to the forefront of her mind, and now they're happy together! Hooray for things.
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That's lovely to hear!
That's awesome! I'm very happy to see so many good responses to something like this. I've always been afraid that anyone I tell would write me off as crazy but that really cool to see that there are so many open minded people out there.
My husband and I both have tulpas and have for two years. One of our friends irl was diagnosed with DID, and another has an undefined headmate-could be did/tulpa/whatever, don't know. Another friend does not have one but just knows. Everything's good with us. We aren't telling anyone else about it though. Husband and I started this together, the others were told only when we knew they would understand. One person did find out on accident, but we were lucky as she is very chill with all this, and has shown interest in getting to know Jaden specifically.

I've never been able to tell anyone about Murphy/Toby, I always thought it would be cool to date someone who has one too or would be cool with it. I have decided that if I marry someone he has to know about Murphy and be okay with it.
I won't spend the rest of my life hiding something so important me from the person I love.
I'm happy for you that you can share this with each other. That's really special.

Honestly that's why I'm so chatty here. I'm excited to meet people who share this with me. I didn't set out to make Murphy but it is what it is and it's amazing to finally be able to talk about it Smile

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