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Quirks from having tuppers
...and I mean the fun stuff.

One of mine has this thing for fried chicken. Chicken wings, legs, breast, you name it. Loves the stuff. Nowadays, when I see the hot foods while grocery shopping my mouth salivates profusely and I can't help it. I feel inclined to buy the stuff, and Christ, driving by KFC is the worst.

Then there's the "We". I say that more than I should and am surprised no one has called me out on it. I've come to replace "I" with "We", it almost feels appropriate but to everyone else it probably seems I can't English right.

You guys experience anything like this? Little quirks or habits developed from being around your tupperware too long?

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I got obsessed with Chinese food for about a good four months. I craved it constantly, like every day. Pretty sure Raina had SOMETHING to do with that.
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Tepes' presence gives me an insatiable craving for meat of any kind. It's a bit unsettling, being this rather lean person who can't restrain themselves from feverishly jumping onto their protein products half of the time.

Crystal's presence back in the day gave me a extremely bad craving for coffee. Like, I couldn't sleep without drinking coffee and I'm preeetty sure it's her fault x3
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Shira's given me a craving for birthday-flavoured ice cream. My mouth waters at the thought of it, despite my finding it vile.
I don't really ever have cravings for anything because of Dante. But now when I talk to myself, as has been a big habit of mine when alone, I now talk towards him a lot instead.

I also feel more drawn to flowers because I sort of relate them to our wonderland. And he eats them. (weirdo, havin' all sharp teeth and be munchin' on them flowers <3)
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flowers shall grow
and I am in them
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Fes has a habit of asking me the questions I already know the answers to, leading me to go back and rethink all of my answers. Sometimes, it leads to this big realization about how I'm doing inside and what it meant to myself to be me, but for the most part it's just repeating myself. Also, with those metal arms, I have to look at her and other things in a strictly logical stance, where I can't even enjoy technology anymore; if I can't see how it works, I need to. I've ruined several types of dynamic art and magic shows for myself, because I don't accept magic as an answer to anything. If her arms shoot fire, I have to know how.
The only quirks I can think of is that I have a tendency to react to what my tulpas say or do out in the real world. So if they say something weird while I'm out walking, or at work, or even at home with my girlfriend sometimes (she knows nothing about them) I'll pull a confused face, smile wryly, or even chuckle out loud (Thunderfall cracks me up a lot during our heart-to-heart chats lately). No-one's called me out on it so far, but I don't mind doing it anyway, because reacting with my physical body helps us form a stronger link with each other while my 'real life' is taking priority.
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First off, there is Teckie

She made me enjoy exercising now.
I like reading the dictionary now because of her. XD
I use the "everypony" a whole lot more (luckily I catch myself before saying it in public) because most of my tulpas are ponies. :/
She is making me like romance (and now even with the same gender... nothing bad about it, I just found myself that it is something I don't prefer myself.... but apparently I do. O_O probably the weirdest thing coming out of having a tulpa for me at least. XD )
I like anime because of her.
I love salads now too. >.<

In the future I wouldn't be surprised if she started making me drink coffee. XD

Now... for Vinyl she pretty much made me get into Rap and dubstep, the only two types of music that I used to despise.... but not anymore now. :/

Well.... I think it's obvious that Teckie had a huge change to myself. Literally if she possesses my body, I act like my opposite personality. O-o

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