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Real senses getting in the way of Wonderland...
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RE: Real senses getting in the way of Wonderland...

(05-18-2013, 08:38 PM)Linkzelda Wrote: Although I do agree to the previous posters saying how you're still aware of both real senses and the other set of senses relating to visualization in wonderlands, I've had experiences where my body literally goes into conditions related to the sleeping state. I managed to get in such a relaxed state that I feel those tingling sensations and parts of my body going into a "stasis," and all that's there is my awareness.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's when you feel this very awkward sensation where you just want to move your body (not because of a twitch), but because you're feeling how the muscles in your body become "lifeless" (excluding the ones that are obviously active no matter what happens).

Of course, I don't literally mean lifeless as in dead, and the best way I can put it is just imagine having thermal vision googles, and you knocked a person out, you can see some body parts, after a given time, not have as much heat as they did before. There's less focus on it (for the person knocked out), therefore it looks like the person's dead (but they're not). So what I'm getting at here is that you could use that analogy as a visualization to become more focused on your wonderland senses rather than your real senses. When you see a thermal vision body of yourself slowly cooling down, you start presuming and imagining that you'll be more relaxed and less worried about your real senses.
I have those same things happen, except I don't feel the need to move my body. Sometimes, however, my hands can begin to get INSANELY hot feeling. As if they were about to catch fire from the inside. If it goes on and doesn't go away, I have to stop because it begins to hurt. I don't know if it is because of the way I hold my hands, since I have them together in front of me, or if it is something else.

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RE: Real senses getting in the way of Wonderland...

To the two posters above me:

For me, I find ways to distract myself from focusing too much on those urges. It may take some time, but if you develop a habit that gets you engaged into something else for a long period of time, it wouldn't even become a bother anymore.

For example:

Whenever I would attempt a WILD after a WBTB (wake back to bed) for lucid dreaming, I would be concerned of saliva that would trickle down my throat. Sometimes I would worry about the swallow reflex so much that it prevented me from sleeping, but I eventually realized I just need to naturally let it happen and swallow. Just like if you have that unbearable twitch, move if you need to and just go back to relaxing.

The idea is that you get in the mindset that you can easily relax after doing said action that would resolve whatever annoyance you had with a certain reflex.

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