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Real world places to visit with a young tulpa?
I have read that going out and letting a tulpa experience the world helps in their development a lot so what kind of places did you go with your tulpa when s/he was young?

I work from home and don't go out much, in this 40-something days that I have been with Esmeralda we have gone to the cinema a few times, and to see the Cirque du Soleil, she doesn't care about going to restaurants and prefers not to tag along with my friends (with whom I mostly play videogames in my house so it doesn't really help much anyways).

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I took Toby to the lake a lot and on walks just around town. Sometimes I take him to work with me and he just meanders around the resteraunt while I do my thing.

Usually I just take him wherever I go.
You could try zoos, museums, aquariums, hiking, walks in the park, to the mall.. art galleries, concerts, colorful places, maybe with lots of activities like festivals or conventions.
The library or a bookstore could be cool. Just looking around different sections could help your tulpa discover more interests, possibly.
I agree that things like museums, zoos, and aquariums are poetically awesome
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What everyone else has said. Fench and I go for long walks a lot. We've gone to the bookstore together. Haven't tried most of what Merman suggested, but it sounds awesome.

Since you seem like a gamer, you might also try augmented reality games -- particularly any ones that use GPS. They're games you play on your phone that involve going outside. Ingress is a good one -- you have to visit particular coordinates to complete tasks.

Fench doesn't like them, so I stopped playing months ago.

Geocaching is also fun.
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If you haven't tried a museum, i highly recommend it. It doesn't cost much, and some museums even have days where it's free. As long as you don't mind reading, it provides hours of narration material as well as loads of visual stimulus. Alice, myself, and some friends, went and visited the museum of civilization when they had a special exhibit on voodoo. Alice had a great time and we both learned a lot.
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