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Research for a story
Oh, well, if he can't type anything understandable then I can't blame him. I know I got some gibberish typing from Roswell early on, so I guess I can understand that. Still wasn't posting it around the internets like a picture of my baby's first shit in his or her diaper.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

I think this is the second best place to post it, after her progress log, assuming she even has one. It was posted once, in her own thread. I don't see how this constitutes "posting around the internets".
You give her a reason to post shit like that without nipping it in the bud and it will be everywhere. Testing the waters and all that.

Hey, wasn't this a thread for critique?
This was a linguistic critique thread. While her Tumblr would probably have been more suited for posting possession results, this was interesting for linguistic reasons - which is why we are reading this thread in the first place - and thus is not all that unsuited for this thread.
That said, Candy, if you could refrain from doing that in the future then it would be preferable. This thread is for a specific purpose, and should remain so.
I agree. Then again it is also her own thread. If she posts what we consider shit then we will leave, and it's her problem, no?
Nope. It's not her thread so much as she started it. If it's not off-topic or progress report then she's bound by her thread's purpose, because it isn't really 'her' thread to do whatever she wants in it.
I didn't know about the progress logs.. I have created one and will make sure my tulpae post there instead. They were unsupervised when posting here and it will not happen again.
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