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Resigning from GAT
I forfeit my position for GAT. No elaborate justifications needed, and wish the remaining team, and future members, all the best.

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Unlike all the drama, thread derailing and harassment going on elsewhere that would benefit from more Mods, I don't feel like the GAT is exactly being swamped with wave after wave of information to process. But I do hope you'll still give your thoughts on any new submissions that pop up. There are only so many people here capable of critical analysis in an open-minded manner.
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If my opinion matters, I endorse you to be a future GAT member. Take care.
Can someone fill me in on what GAT is an acronym for?
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It's not an acronym, you're just supposed to read it really loudly.
Check the sticky at the top of this subforum
Really though, do we need more guides anyway?
Yes, we need more imposition guides, and switching ones too.
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
No, that's why the GAT's policy right now is to disapprove every guide.
It's not, and whether or not we need more guides isn't really relevant. People still have stuff to offer from time to time, though rarely. I dunno if that's because of the GAT, I hope not. I don't think so, either. But anyway, when people post stuff, we'll look at it like we always do. It's not for us to say that there's nothing more to say. It's not for us to even write guides, if that's what you're thinking.
Oldies feel they don't need new guides or revised guides, newer people want better information on the things they are investigating. Conundrum.
[Hail] You served in the GAT a long time Linkzelda. Rest well.

As for the topic of new guides and revised guides:

There is definitely room for more guides. If you read around in the depths of this place and other places, there is a lot of useful information not in any of the guides that could eventually be compiled into guides. And there are also some guides in other languages that could use being translated into english and brought here - I've read a couple.

There is also room for revising existing guides, either by adding more info or editting the content or bringing them up to date with new understandings and knowledge of the processes.

This reminds me, I have been working on a few small revisions for my servitor guide that I need to finish up. I also need to get going on writing a piece on shard seeding/feeding, though I have mixed feelings about actually making a guide about the subject rather than just writing an article. Shard seeding/feeding can be a dangerous thing to do (as a general rule, anything I have ever done should be followed with a degree of caution due to my record).
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