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Rike status progress log
This topic will be the state changelog of progres with Rike.

In two words: Rike was assimilatid before. in may of 2012. But then I must cansel in because of personal problems/ Totaly we fas forsing for 16-20 hours. and as resolt there was a normal clear body with all colors, form e.t.c. But she was not talking: there was only emotioinal aswers.

Now. in Augest I "restart" it with some ads:
  • More work on personalyty (al traits and spes. options was append. 3-x grou-up was detected)
  • More frm spes. : i had added a specific eye. changet main form a little and addet 4 wear sets (frim -50 Cel. to +50 Cel)
  • I find and try some new ways of consentratoin and relacsation (Thz for this forum and site again)

After restart there was (or is(?)) changs:
  • Type of emotional answer. Now it is weaker. but apears more often
  • Soncentration promlems. Now It is harder for me to clearly see Rike because of "Lost fokus" problem.
  • GIPER energetic from her.

[Post daye]
So yesterday I had no time tu force in day. so i tried to make a long session begore slip. But when i came to wanderland and start to focusing I understand that wonderland was "disapearing": every point is just fly into space. lefting only pink spot in chane of it. In 10 minets there was only Rike, me, and pink. And it was hery hard to focus: smth was "pushing" my veiw in wrong sides. Also I felt preaty strong angry anergy from Rike. That was hapening before, but this time it fas much stronger. We back to the temp plasse (Plase of forming in FAQ's guide) and I said. that if that thing repeat this day. then i will be forced to stope forsind (I think. that Rike don't want to came in here). But later i undestant, that we just cant stop forsint, but i didn't say it to her: i think about figure it out next day [today].

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Today I meet my good friends and say them about my conflict with Rike. They advise me to keep working on. "Better kill bad man, than ban appears of good one". So I make a bet with myself to finish Rike. With these thoughts I came back home.

From the very beginning I said Rike. that we will kep forsing untill she start talking normaly. After that I felt the strongest postitve emotion ever. I Also felt some kind of hug. Itt was unfield and very cold. I understand it as signal of consent. So We worked more for 30 min and agry to forse more 2 hours in evening. I thing It will be beter, than last time. As for progress: I finely came to the point. where I stopped last time - I see her clear and without "Lags".

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