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Rising From The Ashes: Abvieon's Progress Report
Sounds like you're doing great, we look forward to reading your guide, especially since a lot of what we do feels a lot like parallel processing, but that is seemingly impossible and so we like to read others talk about what is awesome and probably misinterpretation of some mundane mental process.

Then there's meta, we would love you to share that even if just in PM.

We wouldn't post anything in GAT right now to defend it, but to get it in the submissions section would be cool so others could find it.

[Misha] Congratulations!

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The reason GAT doesn't like parallel processing talk is because by all means it doesn't seem to exist, based on the general consensus of tons of discussions on the forum.

If you really thought enough about it to write more than a whole page on it, I'd sure love to see those points in an actual discussion and not first-and-foremost-in-a-guide-submission, you know? Not that you have to, just helping you understand why it is the way it is. Also, if specifying somehow (either as a standalone submission or as part of the guide/thread title) that it's for Parallel Processing, I think that could fairly be taken as its own submission of "discussion". Guides containing some information about things the GAT disagrees with being legitimate/real are usually told to remove those bits, but guides that are specifically for those doubted things are likely fine, because we want to give people who believe in that stuff something to work with.

Anyways.. either way it's nice to see a member as old as you still active in the community and (potentially) making contributions.
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