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Robin Williams remembrance thread
He was a funny dude.
I liked him in Aladdin.
Unfortunately, I've not seen as much of him as I would be interested to; there are at least a few films that he is in that I still want to see.
I guess in the end this doesn't really affect me that much. He wasn't one of my favorite actors or anything, and his films will always be there to watch, even if he isn't. I know there are a lot of die-hard fans that will be crushed, though.

I also think it is unfortunate that he was suffering from depression--whether he took his life or not.
It makes it a bit more sad when you think about how happy and fun he seemed, too.

How has Robin touched your heart?
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He was my all time favorite actor growing up. I've seen everything he's been in an I really hate that someone do great is now gone from the world.

I loved him as Peter pan. My favorite movie with him in it has to be one hour photo.
I'm really heartbroken, robin was a staple in my childhood and I idolized him. I really hope his death brings some awareness to the world of depression and helps people to see that it is a serious illness that needs to be taken more seriously.

Thank you for making this thread.
I've battled depression and Bipolar for years, and Robin's movies were some of the only things that brought me true happiness. It seems that those who brighten the world the most are the ones who live in darkness. He will be missed.
(08-12-2014, 02:04 AM)amber5885 Wrote: I loved him as Peter pan.

Me too. Hook may be my favorite of his. Especially the food fight. I guess it's just that my entire life I've been looking for tulpas without knowing it, and movies about the power of imagination always appealed to me.

It is really sad, especially how it's always the comedians. It's the people who make us the most happy who are the most miserable inside.
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My heart goes out to his family, especially Zelda, his daughter. Poor thing has been ridiculed and trolled these last few days and I hope that she doesn't become jaded because of it.
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