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[Image: DFuzdSkm.png]
A couple of failed details here that make this draw look awkward, like her face, the weird angle was too much for me and the fact that I wasn't able to make the eyes look good for no knowing how to turn them on the canvas.
Sketch is here
I followed the sketch, that wasn't good enough, too blindly and realise that way too late to correct it.

[Image: O7GCBEGm.png]

This one is old, but we really liked it so we finish it now. Came up nicely, the way to place the eyes is not that difficult after all, maybe the angle of the face was more easy?

[Image: BXQM8fsm.png]
Some of the process

[Image: 6SbK63im.png]
This is something.

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[Image: PEA76EXm.png]

[Image: UcrNRgqm.png]

Weird pose, I think I got it neat this time. All last attempts completely failed and never saw the light.

[Image: v354Ov5m.png]
Second fanart we got, from fellow Anon.
Great art, STeeK!
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