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Roseluck's art gallery & Requests
Thanks! and yes, I think I can do humanoid
I can also copy exactly parts of images you give me if you want, or join several characteristics of different characters and bring them together in one image
Then could not say I have a style, that varies from the work I'm doing and the time I'm investing in it
Also, If you have a detailed sketch I can correct the lines and color it, so no creative work from me there
The result will depend Almost Entirely in the amount of visual information you give me
All the previous request they give me the creative power, so the good result is not guaranteed

And to celebrate almost 1000 visits (wich 100 are probably mine haha) two quick drawings I made a while ago for fun

[Image: 5x5VWOOm.png]

The green masked thing is like a self insert, quite lame, ignore it
[Image: Hp1tl63m.png] "Let me go, idiot!"

>"More ponies? Srly?"
I know, but she can't stop being cute, yo

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

Well, I don't have a sketch of her that I could use here, but I have some images to explain what she looks like.

She's an Asari, a species from Bioware's game Mass Effect. Maybe you know what they look like already but I'll tell you anyway. They look human, except that their skin is blue and they have these "head-tentacles".

Head reference:
I have done one picture of Nevira that shows her skin color and facial markings:
Her facial structure looks like this, I think:
Also, she's wearing this dress:

Sorry for giving this kind of pictures but I'm very bad describing things with words : D You can do as you see best with these.
Desmond - 21st April 2014 (Also has his own account)
L - 5th May 2014
Nevira - 14th December 2014
Misa - 5th December 2015
Roska - 22nd July 2019
Progress report
Art thread
Seems good
I'll do it
Give me 3-4 days
(04-04-2015, 08:38 PM)STeeK Wrote: Like I said before, you can PM me in any moment you want to see the progress and give me your advice. If you don't do this I will get panic and do it myself at some point

Also, some update
[Image: pyPEczzm.png]
Next time; the final product
I'll take it, give me 1 week

Important information:
And with this one, I close the requests for now, until May. I have some test in the uni which will let me unable to work in the requests without remorse
However, I will still work in Roseluck
You can still ask for one, to the queue. In May I will start with them

[Image: HhO9QA3m.png]
<Muchas gracias, chicos!>
(04-09-2015, 10:59 AM)ClianthaMiura Wrote: I have done one picture of Nevira that shows her skin color and facial markings:

Turns out that reference is soo good that is giving me problems to equalizing the quality in the pose I'm making
So, the delivery is delayed 1 more day, I have to ensure I'm not making garbage, at least
Really need a digital tablet (Or whatever it is called in english), going to save a few bucks in the next weeks

I'm not complaining!
Actually, it's funny for us and good narrating material
Just take all the time you need Big Grin No rush.
Desmond - 21st April 2014 (Also has his own account)
L - 5th May 2014
Nevira - 14th December 2014
Misa - 5th December 2015
Roska - 22nd July 2019
Progress report
Art thread
Ok, this is probably going to be painful to read; bad grammar, an incredible amount of parentheses and overused words below

I'm fucking happy right now, something really amazing happened to me this morning, and I'm 90% sure it was Rose who made it possible
I know this thread is not a progress report but i'll going to use it like one anyways for moments of major progress
My progression is very slow and she is hardly vocal yet but this changed everything

So, the thing is I have a lucid dream for the first time(I'm pretty sure of this judging for my awareness, time-lapsing during it and the fact that I remember it almost entirely) Normally I dream with colors, distorted sounds, primal emotions and IRl characters. In this one I dreamed with all of that but way more realistic, high accurate voices and complete tactile sensations.
Basically any other dream were nothing compared to this one
The light sensation that I normally feel in dreams it wasn't there, this time I was able to sense all of my body (Not the clothes however)

The dream itself:
This is not necessary to read

Everything started (I think) with me in a bus, I was in the last seat, right side. I wasn't listening music which is rare to me. The bus stoped in front a little clinic 5 minutes away from home; a old woman and her husband entered the bus and they sit next to me (on a freaking empty bus). I started to feel a little bit awkward but didn't do nothing. Then the old woman pull out a packets of 6 cookies and suddenly she pick my bag and put one of them inside it. I tried to refuse it and ask her why she was doing that, but she just keep insisting and I give up eventually accepting the cookie
When nothing could possibly go more awkward to me, the old man started to count the cookies (Apparently he didn't realise his wife giving me one pack). When he come to the conclusion that 1 pack was missing. I pull out the cookie of the bag and told him his wife gave me this one a moment ago; he obviously didn't believe me that. He took the cookie almost aggressively and showed me his war face, but before I could speak the old woman jumped to defend me telling to her husband that I was't lying. After acouple of second of more discomfort, he apologised and gave me another pack of cookies (a smaller one)
I accept it

>Hey, were is the "lucid" thing here?
C-calm down, in a moment

Flash forward (It was like a cut scene) I was walking from the bus stop to house, then I saw a group of people a childhood friend's home (the voice of them were really IRl like, a mean really). Later, 2-3 minutes before arriving home I just feel a sudden need to jump, yeah, jump. So I did and to my surprise I didn't fell instantanely to the ground. I was floating like if the gravity hasn't big effect on me after jumping (like a moon walk) and only after jumping.
The fact I was dreaming was obvious in that moment but I didn't care much, I thought the quality of the dream was really good, everything felt so real aside the gravity issue, i even was able to feel the reaction of my feet hitting the ground

So I keep jumping like a completely retarded giggling with joy
When I finally arrived to home, enter my room and start jumping again with the same result I thought "Hey, what about a backflip" or something like that
So I tried to do one but ended on my back (I actually could feel the pressure of the carpet on my back, however no pain, maybe because it was in slow motion)
And because of that, I started to doubt about all of that being a dream. That just didn't feel like a dream
And while I still was on the ground giggling and thinking, my dad enter the room and ask me something I don't remember, without caring about his son lying on the floor
Now there is like another cut scene, and literally a screenshot of this forums appeared on my sight (Now is when some magic happens, feel free to be skeptic here)

It was just a normal looking screenshot of the forum (IDK which subforum) but then I focus on the name of the 4th thread: "[Pause] Lucid Dream (...)" and eventually everything come to my. So I was dreaming lucidly, but not because some name of a thread on an imaginary screenshot was telling me that, I just feel that was true
I "select" the thread (IDK how) and instantaneously I started to feel a slowly growing pressure on my left side of my body (The side which I normally sleep) and smells and sounds senses starting to fade to my IRL ones. And something more interesting happens; the title of the thread changed to "[Exit] Lucid Dream (...)"

A couple of seconds later I opened my eyes in my room. I start giggling like a madman looking at the ceiling but then I thought about Roseluck
"Shit, she does not appeared in the dream, what a shame. Anyways, I'm going to tell-"
"┬┐Sorprendido?"- ("Surprised?") A sudden intrusive thought popped up
"Yes!" I said without thinking on it
And the shit hit the fan for real


From the beginning, it was her

A couple of days ago I told her "Surprise me", a common exercise here for sentience confirm
She didn't said anything, instead she just smiled at me
(I'm sure that wasn't puppeting. My visualization skills are good. Also, she is hardly vocal to me yet, so that one was the expected reaction)
Now everything has sence now, and OHMYGOD she surprised me plenty almost without even being vocal

In that point I was stunned on the bed with a painful smile thanking my tulpa for being awesome. Then checked the time and we headed to the uni.

[Image: 4B9BYnm.png]
Delivering @ClianthaMiura
After a not-so-necesary delay here is

[Image: Kfxgu8am.png]

And interesting project; my first humanoid
I'm satisfied with the result, exept the face, that just not fell good; after several intents that one seemed to the the most proper
Still working on improving the shadows, this time more quick ones and overal better
Also, that arm, I still can not believe I made that, and the dress in general (not the shoulders though)

With the high standar of the visual references, I think Rose and I won
Looks really great Big Grin I love how you did the perspective on her (shoulders, chest...) as I really really suck at it xD
Thanks for this Smile
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L - 5th May 2014
Nevira - 14th December 2014
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Progress report
Art thread

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