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Sake's Requests and Commissions
Requests Currently: Closed
Commissions Currently: Closed

I'll probly only open requests occasionally when I'm bored, and they'll most likely only be really simple things like sketchy, flat colored headshots or something. Maybe sometimes more if I feel really inspired though. <3

NOTE: I do like to post the finished art on other sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr, and I also to credit the person who ordered it. So if you'd prefer your art remain private, please let me know and I won't post it, or if you don't mind if I post it and just don't want to be credited, I can post it as an anonymous order!

Requesting Rules:
*Only make requests when the status says open.
*You may only make requests for thoughtforms, like tulpas, soulbonds, headmates, ect.
*Only one request at a time, please.
*You may request again the next time I open.
*No requesting certain types of art. I only do what I feel up to doing at the time.
*You may, however, feel free to give me ideas for expressions and stuff, or tell me a bit about what your thoughtform likes, their personality, ect. That will help me make more unique pieces instead of just generic smiles all the time.
*Please be patient, I know everyone gets excited for art, but since these are requests, I do them at my leisure. I am a person and I have a life outside of the internet so sometimes I get busy or tired.
*And finally, always remember to say please and thank you! Also, remember to tell me if you like your request, feedback makes me feel good and motivates me to keep going!

Will Draw:
*Human thoughtforms ( better at males )
*Anthro thoughtforms ( better at males )
*Any kind of animal thoughtforms
*Fantasy creature thoughtforms

Will NOT Draw:
*Pony thoughtforms ( I apologize, I'm just not comfortable drawing ponies :c )
*Super spoopy thoughtforms ( sorry guys, I scare easy ;n; )
*Mecha thoughtforms ( I'm just really bad at robots, I'm sorry D: )

[Image: 90ooj7.png]

If you would like something more than a simple sketch, don't want to wait for requests to open, or want art of a character instead of your thoughtform, you are more than welcome to commission me! C:

I have prices, examples, and terms of service listed on my website:
Sake Loup's Commissions
Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)
Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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Well, my request I would rate 11/10.
Good job, and keep doing what you're doing!
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
That looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward to seeing whatever else comes out of this thread.
And here's one for Kovyx~!

[Image: req__kovie_by_sake_loup-da7gxbu.png]

Hope you enjoy~

I might open these again later but for now I'm taking a break. x3
Thanks for requesting, everyone!
Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)
Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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