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[SATIRE] The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation
Alright, seeing how it's clear that people may agree to keep the guide submission intact because of varied opinions, it's not going to be overly difficult for people to find this in Guides, Tips & Tricks, or Resources.

Clearly, resources would be something for supplementary aid, and I'm not sure if satire would be considered that. Just being Captain Obvious here.

Tips & Tricks or Guides, I'm game for whatever the majority goes for though, and I agree that as long as the tag is there, people shouldn't take the guide seriously. But it raises the question on whether or not it's an anomaly from the implication that guide submissions should have some kind of professionalism going on. Because if that's the case, then we'll have to question all guide submissions that would have a a more cruel, opinionated, self-stultifying, and negative mindset than this comical one in relation to the tulpa phenomenon.

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I don't support moving this to Guides. It is clearly not a serious guide and therefore shouldn't be treated as such.

While it is a shame to move it to Off-Topic, the fact is that it's the only appropriate place. Resources is still treating it seriously, except it fits there even less than Guides. It could stay in Submissions, too, but that wouldn't necessarily be more visible than Off-Topic.

I'm not beating around the bush here: I accept that this 'guide' has a good message. Were that message submitted without the satire I would approve it for sure. But that means that the message can be submitted without the satire and approved, which is less of a pain in the neck than putting a joke guide in with the serious guides, much as I like joke guides.

EDIT: this clearly needs some more discussion so I'll keep it up for now.
Leaving it in submissions wouldn't be the worst outcome. The important thing is guests could see this guide, even though they would need to do digging. Let's get this guide moved.
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Gosh, I was wondering if someone brought up mind dolls somewhere. I wasn't disappointed...
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I just discovered mind dolls. So, someone could spend what, 800 bucks, or for free, just read tulpa guides... or this guide.

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