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Self-Imposed Insanity.
Let's get some things straight. I am a schizoid introvert with no friends and no life. I would like to have some friends, though, as being alone is mildly annoying. So I figured "why not make a tulpa?" And then I decided to make this very thread.I have basically no experience with this stuff though, so I thought I might keep it simple. Instead of just making a tulpa straight off, I'm going to make a little cube thing. It won't talk. It won't be sentient. And it will be a perfect segway into how do I plan on doing this? Very simply, thats how. I make a cube with my mind, impose it, and then disregard it because its a stupid worthless cube that needs to be thrown into a fire. If you were wondering, it will be a servitor. And yes, I might be a little angry right now, but I don't care, so why should you? Since this is just a cube thing, I will be as angry and forceful as I want with it. Of course when I make a tulpa I'll be nicer. But I'm not in the mood right now. As I right this, it's 5:30 AM, and yes, I haven't slept in about 72 hours. But you know what? I don't care. Enough stalling. Let's start.

I'm going to start by visualizing a grey cube (amazing right?)

I'm not going to narrate or anything, because its a cube. I don't want to narrate to a cube

If you're wondering, I'm not doing this in a wonderland. A puny cube doesn't deserve the comfort of my wonderland. It deserves to be cold and suffering.


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This is very interesting. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

Well, I would have updated last night BUT THE WEBSITE WAS DOWN. So, I'll have to put both updates into this one. Its not a very large update though. Because you wanna know what I did the first night? Nothing. I was too lazy. The second night guess what I did. I STARED AT AN IMAGINARY CUBE FOR AN HOUR. What did you expect, I'm insane. It wasnt that bad though, and throughout the day, I visualized it on my desk or my bed. It looks like this:

A problem I have had is the varying size of the cube. When I visualize it onto the world, It always changes shapes and whatnot. I want it about 2x2x2 inches, but my brain just doesnt even. This happens a lot where Im trying to think of one thing but it changes in my head and death to all. I have made progress though, and we will arive at Normandy shortly, storm the Germans, and liberate the Jews. That is all.

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