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[Sentience] Communication via image flashbacks
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Communication via image flashbacks

Martina is still "mute" at the moment, OUCH! *gets an alwful pain in the right side of the head*

Alright, she is not fully vocal yet, not mute, but can't really express herself with a desired voice, even though I can safely say she is sentient... as you guys can clearly see. Apologies, Martina!

So yesterday I decided to leave her alone a little bit to see if she can find something to entertain herself in the wonderland a little japanese-themed house, why I'm busy with school-related things.

When I put her to sleep at night, as always we had a little talk and I asked her if she did anything fascinating today.

Then a suddenly, the picture of her laying next to me in the bed changed to her painting some sort of letter(s) in front of a small table (I believe she draw the tulpa sigil, but I can't remember/didn't see that part), sitting on a little greenish-blue pillow, just for a little second, before it switched back. She was doing chinese calligraphy.

Alright, now the one and only place I saw this was the game Age of Wushu, that I played months ago and completely forgot about.

Questions are:
1. Does this count as a raw thought, that my brain suddenly processed into .png file format without any concious effort, or is this something different?
2. Is this "dangerous" like raw thoughts?
3. Have this happened to you?
01-12-2014, 10:51 AM
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